Why Facebook is like Junk Food

I’m one day away from going back to Facebook. I’m not excited.

Once in a while I give myself these mini challenges in which I get rid of one thing I’m addicted to for 30 days. Today is my day 29 without Facebook.

It started back in 2012, when I caught myself mindlessly refreshing social network feeds every single second. At that time, I remember I wasn’t even reading the feeds anymore – my finger just sort of automatically swiped down within my social apps as a force of habit. It was time consuming, to say the least. So one day, I was just, hey you know what, I’m gonna get rid of you all. And I did. I let go of my four basic sins completely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.

4 days came and went, and then 14 days… You’d think that at day 30 I’d be so concerned about all the things I’ve missed out on in the online world. But it was quite the opposite. Being offline meant I had extra time and mind space to be more productive, read real books, write blog posts that are more than 140 characters long, and in general, ingest things that are of quality and value. Continue reading

About Page – July 2012

If you are meeting me for the first time, I hope it’s love at first sight. Oh, I could be a little bit weird and crazy sometimes, but what the hell.

They say that what you write (or draw or build or sing or kiss) often reflect who you are. And so in this section, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself – I hope you have a barf bag on hand. If you happen to decide to keep reading after this, please don’t say you haven’t been warned.  Continue reading

We are sort of under construction


This was us before (pertaining to the photo above), and you may have seen this then if by some stroke of un-luck you have come across this blog.

We are under construction at the moment though. Or, more aptly, we are in a transition phase between this and that, and we thought you should know. There will be some changes, and experiments, and a lot of things probably won’t work as we have imagined. Nevertheless…


For you, this 2014: Make Beautiful Things

In the beginning of 2013, one of my commitments to myself was to write more – both here in my blog and in my personal journal. I was pretty consistent in the first few months, and was very happy about that for a while. But then, as with most new year’s resolutions (and as a result of certain life circumstances), I lost my rhythm. At one point, I just stopped.

In my list of 2013 goals, there are a couple more boxes I have yet to tick. Funny thing is, looking at it now, I don’t feel bad at all. Because that whole time I wasn’t following the plans I put on paper last January, I was busy discovering things that I never thought I’d like, worlds that didn’t even exist in my imagination. I was finding out my own complexities and imperfections, abilities and inabilities. I was meeting interesting people I never would have met had I not decided to step down from the train of mundane life to walk around and appreciate the scenery outside once in a while.

A lot of things didn’t go as planned, in short. But man, things are beautiful. And I’m not talking about circumstances. I’m talking about the world. People from all walks of life are doing and creating and making beautiful things every minute of the day. It is jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, breath-taking, a-mazing.

And so with child eyes, here is my wish:

Dear You,

This coming year, I hope that you make beautiful things.

I hope that once in a while you create some art – paint, or write, or dance, or sing, or cook, or do Capoeira; or maybe pole dance, or play with hula hoops, or poi, or a staff, or maybe fire (the simplest things can be very sexy). At work, produce something that you’d be truly proud of at the end of the day because of its sheer beauty. I hope that you make beautiful relationships with your mom and dad, your grandparents, brothers and sisters and friends, your lovers… and strangers! Make surprising friendships with people you don’t know. It doesn’t matter how long they last. Everything in this world is transitory.

I hope that things don’t work out exactly as you have planned them. And that because of this you discover more beauty than what you already know. I hope you surprise yourself with the intensity of beauty that you can create.

We are all just passing by in this world. Might as well make beautiful things. Might as well make things beautiful.

Stay handsome in your madness. Happy New Year. :)

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Blessed May Be An Overused Word

There are many things to be grateful for today. And so despite my tired bones and sleepy eyes at this hour, I feel obliged to write them down lest they fade away into dreams.

Here’s the reality: I am blessed.

I just came from a whole-day yoga event called Global Mala Project Manila. I was supposed to be up and about by 10:30 am for the second class, but I ended up staying in bed a few hours more as a result of my long and sleepless week. (I must say, even that sleeplessness is a blessing in itself.) Continue reading

Breathing Out

In the past few weeks, I’ve been filled with a lot of tension. Due to recent life changes, endorphin boosts have been critical to my everyday sanity. Although there is always the option to drink it up and drown in bottles of wine or scotch, I find the latter impractical, not to mention really unhealthy.

We all go through something of this sort once in a while – challenging life phases, dark tunnels we can only get out of if we walk through them… It’s nothing new, really. Except that every time you’re in there – where you don’t know when the light will finally show up, with all your fears creeping in on whether it ever will – it always feels as bad as the first time. Continue reading

The Art of Giving

MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY, ANTIPOLO CITY – I am one of those people who declutter my life as often as possible. I believe in simplicity. Once in a while I open my cabinets to check for things I don’t foresee using in the near future, and see which ones I could either give away or throw away. More often than not, my desks – both at home and at work – are clean and empty. If there is something there that I haven’t used in a few months, I assume that I probably never will so I pass them on to someone who is more likely to find value in it.  Continue reading

Life experiments on madness, poetry of movement, and the great perhaps.