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VIDEO: Vevey and Bern, Switzerland with The Favrels

Vevey, Switzerland and Bern, Switzerland. 2016. Staying in The Favrel home in the beginning of my first trip to Europe. More travel videos at

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VIDEO: Taipei, Taiwan Vlogging with Paula

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2016 – Here is a rewind from over a year ago, when Filipinos still needed a visa to go to Taiwan. As of September this year, we can already visit visa-free, as you may know, which makes it a bit easier to go these days. I followed Paula in Taipei and  we went around […]

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VIDEO: Climbing Mt. Pico De Loro

Mt. Pico De Loro – Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas Ever since I’ve discovered the art of video-making in October, I’ve been putting one up on my Vimeo every month. This is my new year’s entry. I plan to grow in the craft more throughout the year. Which means I need to go on more adventures (wink).

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VIDEO: Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

Is it nice in Mt. Pinatubo? A lot of people ask me this question. Well here’s my short answer: I’ve been there thrice. Mostly to accompany cousins from abroad. I hope that answers it. I recommend it mainly because it’s beautiful, but also because it fits the adventure and nature categories without much of the pain (i.e. […]

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VIDEO: An Airbnb Birthday at Anvaya Cove

My birthday ideas for this year revolved around Airbnb listings. Seriously – a boat in Hong Kong, an island in the Philippines… There are a hundred extraordinary places to experience if you look around there. But finally, I thought, I wanted to spend some time with the family. And so I settled for something simpler. […]

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VIDEO: Exploring Coron, Palawan

  It has been a long, long while since I’ve written anything around here. At times I feel like adult life has been pulling me away from the part of my soul that likes creating things just for the heck of it. But no. Not today. Two months ago, I “discovered” the GoPro. Of course I’ve known her […]

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February: The Normal That Was

After all the festivities, February was jam packed. A reflection, perhaps, of what normal life used to look like. In the first week, I was in Kuala Lumpur, where I inconveniently developed sniffles on the last day (this scared the shit out of me and I took my last meeting in the hotel room over […]

Start here.

The content here dates back as far as 2011 and is a hodgepodge of whatever I feel like writing. As such, I thought I’d create a starting point for anyone who manages to find this space and may be interested in rummaging through my brain fart. World – In the beginning, I was mostly documenting […]

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Never Lose Your Childlike Wonder

On Instagram, you post a photo of yourself with closed eyes, arms spread wide, hair blown by the wind, in your cute adventure outfit. In this photo, you are probably at the beach, or at the top of the mountain, or in a new city in another part of the world. The caption says something […]

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On Dylan Werner’s Workshop, Yoga, and Going Beyond Yourself

This weekend was enlightening, to say the least. I attended my first ever yoga workshop led by Dylan Werner from California. It consisted of four classes spread in two days: Beyond Balance Vinyasa Master Class – 2 hours of flow that was so intense it felt like we were in a heated room, Strength, Balance and […]