As a kid, I never really had to think about life as something that expires at some point. The only time is now, and all the now’s must be used exploring my own little world, pretending to cook leaves plucked from plants in my grandmother’s garden, climbing the house walls up to the roof, and fixing traps for bad guys. I had a basic Lego set with which I designed homes, waged wars, and manufactured robots. We didn’t have a computer, so I made one out of scratch paper – it worked!

As much as I could, I’d like to preserve this sense of wonder. And I hope for my curiosity to continue taking me to new places, and new spaces within my mind, body and life that I had not imagined reaching before. Through travel, movement, books, music, and all types of art, I hope to continue to surprise myself.

The world – or must I be bold and say the universe – has an abundance of things to discover. It is limitless. Our time here, however, is not. And so in the next year and beyond, I promise to live with a consciousness of the boundaries of time, not forgetting to live in the now.

This space is my avenue for self-discovery, life experiments, good madness, and an acknowledgment that the more I know, the more I don’t know. It is the space for me to master my favorite art by far – that of not knowing.

It is a work in progress, as I am, as we all are.

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i am planning to book for eskaya on our 10th wedding anniversary on May 15,2013… but you know, please can you pls give me an idea how much budget will i prepare.. its time for me to surprise my husband, of all our 9 years of marriage he never fail to surprise me, so this time , i would like to take the floor.. i envy you, or rather i am inspired by your blog with all the photography, it made sense

thank you, Ms. Vida. After reading your blog, the more i’ve decided to spend our anniversary here in the Philippines. We always go out of the Country.. and like what I’ve told you i’ts always my husband’s idea or rather effort to celebrate that special occasion.
I’ve read a lot of blogs from travelers like you, pero iba ka.. yung blog mo hindi sort of overly proud traveler but rather a traveler with a heart who is not selfish and but is willing to share the Joy and pride she experienced during her travel.
God bless you more and continue to inspire us with your blogs!

First of all, super super thank you for your comments. This really made my day. I’m very happy that you appreciate my posts and even happier that you actually take your time to comment. Hope you can spread the love. 🙂

I’d also recommend that you spend your anniversary here. There are A LOT of beautiful places and resorts in the Philippines – most of which I probably haven’t been to, and as compared to going out of the country, you could get to relax more if you’re not pressured to take tours.

Let me know how your anniv goes ok? 🙂

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