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Anvaya Cove, Bataan: The Beach in May

Beaches, as with anything, look entirely different during different times of the year, even within the same season. Nature has proven that to me when my family went to a road trip to Anvaya Cove, Bataan early this May. Allow me to walk you through.

It was still summer, yes, the sun was still up. Sky still blue.

It was our first time at Anvaya Cove, and I was happy to find out that the hangout-able beach area was pretty spacious.

At least spacious enough for beach games.

As with their swimming pools, there are lifeguards on duty during all those hours it is legal to swim.

Although they do warn of possible jellyfish swimming in the water.

The sand is very fine, not rocky at all even in the water. It’s not white, but it’s light enough.

This is what I meant by beaches not looking the same every season. In May, the water near the shore looks a little bit like flood. It’s not dirty at all alright, but it is brown and unclear. My sisters and I were: “Hey dad, let’s go swimming!”, and dad was: “No. It looks like flood.”

Doesn’t it remind you a bit of the past “habagat” that passed by our lands in the past few weeks? But it’s clean and safe, swear! It’s very funny, because if you try googling Anvaya Cove, all the other photos of the beach really don’t look this way. As I said, it might be because of the time of the year.

Mommy and sister enjoyed the short getaway at the beach too.


Photos mostly taken by Nica Sioson for

Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club is located at Morong, Bataan. For more info, visit their website: You can also check out my previous post to see the room and the pools.

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