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August: One Step At A Time

My challenge for the month is to run 100K by the end of August. Perhaps an easy task for long time runners, but for me, it’s quite a feat. I went through it the same way I went through the year – one step at a time.

My body isn’t very familiar with constant long runs. In the first few kilometers, I felt I could go on and on, and maybe even pick up speed along the way. At about 60% through, my legs started becoming heavy. I was well slept and well fed, and yet the legs wouldn’t budge.

It was a particularly difficult month. As I write this, I’m taken back to the roller coaster of emotions of August. This is the month it hit me that our lives and that of our families are not immune to what we see on the news. That it’s not all about cooking and baking and exercising all your days through. There is a real threat out there, like an alien invasion, and we need to survive that threat. 

In this month, I’m thankful for the most basic things – the gift of life and good health, for myself and for the people that I love. I’m most thankful for people who are there for me through the difficult moments.

It was August, and we were about 60% through. I was well slept and well fed, and yet the legs wouldn’t budge. But I kept moving. I put my shoes on and ran, and thanked the universe for another day, another sunset, another opportunity to love the people I love.

Thank you August, for letting us all get through.

So, what do you think?

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