Because Toes Get Fingered Too

I guess I was just a bit too excited that I’m finally back on the mats. Three weeks is a bit too long and my training sessions have been sporadic lately so I got a few “Hey Pena’s back” faces again which is usually my cue to shriek “Hello!” with my usual “Yes I know I was gone again” face. But all is good and as I said I probably got too excited because I threw in a few fancy stuff without a good warm up and now I’m limping because of my “fingered” right toe. Or was it supposed to be called “toed” right toe?

Although it sounds geeky, I had the same excitement last Wednesday when I got home from Vietnam, and today when I got to the office, and right now as I’m adding a new post to my blog. And I’m also excited to go home after training now because I know I won’t be alone, and true enough, right now Vianca is still singing on her new-found app called Starmaker.

I think this is going to be more of a Dear Diary post, but there are a lot of things to be grateful for, and even if it’s 1:30am as I write, I just want to list a few of them down.

Capoeira. I wasn’t up for coaching today because of my colds, but my coach (for I am really just a student who loves to share the little that I know) wanted me to teach the second-timer newbie. Upon chatting after training, I found out that he happens to be a yoga instructor. And an acting instructor. And an actor (that’s how much I don’t watch TV?). He was good too, and he did mention to a fellow Capoeirista that so far he is learning pretty fast with us.

Blog. As a force of habit, I checked my gmail when I got home and I was very happy to see some very touching comments here. I guess that’s the real reason I’m a bit enthusiastic to write an update right now. I blog and I write – this doesn’t necessarily make me a  blogger and a writer – but time and again I get pings from random people and I find that really cool. This is just one of the things that I do just because. While other people maybe watch TV or sleep or I dunno, what do people do?

Love. Handles. When you’re often around fitness enthusiasts, they will notice right away if you gained even just half a pound. I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but tonight I got that “you seem like you’ve eaten a lot in Vietnam” comment and it’s true. And prior to that during the long weekends. And at work. But I guess even love handles should be something to be thankful about if you got it from having traveled to all these lovely places.

Friday. I think this is my cue to sleep already because later is going to be a long day. Just a side note: I am officially back (but different-kind-of-back) on social networks and tomorrow you might hear a lot from me because we (as in the Developer Relations side of “we” at work) will be celebrating something special. And maybe that is good timing since I can’t go back to training with my fingered toe. #DevNet1000

That said, thank you Universe, and good night.

So, what do you think?

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