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For You, This 2022: Clarity

It is amazing what you find when you tune the entire world out. When you hit that mute button for a while.

There is so much noise out there. The algorithm, trying so damn hard to carve a piece of your mind space, bit by bit, until it is no longer yours.

The birds were humming all this time. Your dog is snoring in his nap. The wind is cool and smells of freshly cut grass.

Other than that, there is silence.

In this day and age, what a privilege. What a privilege.

In all the previous years, I had wished that you would go forth and explore the world.

This year, my hope is that you continue to work hard for your dreams, but have clarity as to when it is the right time to slow down, and breathe in the beautiful place where you already are.


Written on my journal from our Antipolo home, January 29, 2022.

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