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For you, this 2013: Here and Now

Sometime in August 2012, I fasted from social media for thirty days. It was such a cleansing experience. Technology “has no bounds” they say, and so sometimes we spend too much time in the future, or in some other place far away. We spend gatherings with our heads stuck on our mobile phones or tablets or maybe laptops, conversing with people other than those right in front of us. We know what everybody in the world is eating – including Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff. We know the places our friends have been, what they’re fighting with their boyfriends about, whether their kids are actually cute or not. We arrange meetings with the people we know, we say hi, and then we get back to our own small bubbles that supposedly connect us to the rest of the world. In effect, we spend our Here’s somewhere else, and our Now’s in another time.

It is now January 1, 2013. The time has come again to write new year’s wishes. And so, as inspired by what I have learned after I fasted from social media, as well as all other seemingly senseless things that I have done last year, here is my wish:


Dear You,

This coming year, I wish that you appreciate more the Here and Now. When you wake up in the morning, instead of rushing out of bed, take a deep breath and thank the universe. And when you are out at night, search for the moon. Stare at the stars. Listen to good music; the kind that will make you close your eyes and feel life. Eat well and eat slow. Feel the texture of the food, its taste on your tongue. Once in a while, don’t forget to drink really good wine. Engage in somewhat stupid conversations until sunset. Or sunrise. Laugh loudly. Visit a new place. Actually be there. Keep a journal. Write your thoughts and senseless ramblings. Spend for yourself and the people that you love.¬†Hug your friends and your family. Kiss your lovers.

We all have excess baggage from the past, and the future brings too many worries. But this year, I hope that you (and I) could spend the Here and the Now, Here and Now.

Here’s to an even madder year!


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