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I Was a Star City Kid

I bet none of you have been to Star City in about 5 million years, and you’re not really planning to return anytime. It was the same for me. Except one blessed, unplanned holiday night, we figured we’d head there just for the heck of it. And perhaps also to relive some childhood memories.

Before Enchanted Kingdom, I was shamelessly a Star City kid. I loved the ball slide, bump cars, jump-jumps (a.k.a. inflatables) and the wacky worm. So visiting the place again as an adult was quite an experience.

A few realizations:

  1. The wacky worm is not wacky. But wait, get this — the wacky worm still exists. It’s still the same smiling green creature it was many years back. But wasn’t it like an extreme ride? I sat on its seat and I barely fit, but dang I still remember that particular part with the waves. Except that now all it does is tickle my ass. 
  2. The wacky worm is not even a worm. Is that a worm? I’m not so sure. So I propose it be renamed to the ass-tickling caterpillar. 
  3. Star City is a small place. When I was a one-digit kid, a home TV type of booth caught my attention. I thought I was holding my uncle’s hand as I was watched this guy with a mic cutting vegetables with his special knives. I was in awe. But when I looked up to the guy I’m holding onto, I realized he was a complete stranger! And I was all but a small girl lost and in tears in that big world. Come to think of it though, it’s not that a big place after all. Things just naturally look bigger when you’re littler. 
  4. Half of Star City is indoors, air-conditioned. Wasn’t Star City supposed to be outdoors? Now the most of it is inside some sort of arcade — even the bump boats and the smaller rides. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not a fan of long lines under the sun. 
  5. Star City is surprisingly clean. Being “home to the masses”, I thought it’d be a pain to maintain this place. But it turns out I was wrong. Might’ve been the timing of our visit, but nevertheless, I give that to them. I rode a superman-thing in Kuala Lumpur before, and my shirt totally smelled of shawarma when I got off. So Star City rides and vicinity = clean. Good enough anyway. 
  6. Star City is not really that wild. Ok, here’s a revelation: I’ve never ridden a roller coaster. Only a few people know this, although it’s no secret at all. Roller coasters are just around the corner, but for some reason I never got on one. So that night I figured, hey, let’s go! So Nica and I got on the Star Flyer. It’s that type of ride where your feet are hanging on the floor. Hell, it was wwiiii… pretty alright. It was okay for a roller coaster first-timer. 🙂 

If you ever plan to go back, visit on a night before a weekday like we did. This way you avoid the long queues and annoying kids. Ride-all-you-can is P350, plus whatever you spend for special rides and activities — for example, the snow place, lazer tag, bump balls, arcade games, etc. It’s not the best theme park, but if you’re like me it should bring back some nice memories.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

More details at mostly by Nica Sioson.

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