30 Day Challenges Life

March: Our Own Little Space

Paula got a road bike, so we welcomed March by waking up at 5:30am to cycle 37km through Tanah Merah with some friends. I don’t have my own gear so I came with a random Mobike, which is a really silly thing to do! Thankfully, I survived that first ever cycling trip.

At the start of the year, I decided to sign up for my first Spartan race slated in April. This meant I needed to focus more on, well, Spartan activities such as running (my nemesis) and obstacle training (which I enjoyed quite a bit). I ended my Pure Yoga membership after one year, and started doing a few kilometers of what a runner friend calls “grandma runs” at East Coast Park a few times a week. I’m a terrible runner if I can even call myself one. But being outdoors at the park and by the beach makes me calm, and finishing a run gives me a sense of fulfillment. 

I guess this month kickstarted my active life this year. I’ve tried a few obstacle bootcamp classes with a few friends, done some spinning and boxing at Cru. Since the borders have closed, we took the opportunity to try new things and maybe visit a few places within the city – Universal Studios, Tanjong Beach, Macritchie Reservoir.

The world has ground to a halt in many ways, but thank you March, for allowing us to explore our own little space on the planet.

So, what do you think?

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