30 Day Challenges Life

May: Going Virtual

As everyone spent almost the entire day at home, we’ve started connecting more on social media. I did a 30-day headstand challenge on Instagram, and found buddies in the form of Raya and Kei. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have also found other buddies throughout all their other challenges in the year. Ripples create ripples. On my lazy days, I’d browse through IG and 100% of the time I’d see someone working out. This always kicks my ass out of the couch.

May is my mom’s birthday and mother’s day. We’ve learned the art of virtual celebrations. I call my family more often, talking about the most mundane things, like our dinner for the day, Paula’s herbs, my new vacuum cleaner, the laundry for the week… In the mornings, I chat to say Good morning. In the evenings, I chat to say Good night.

I have also successfully convinced my sisters to join me on Animal Crossing. The game has invaded my life. My calendar had such things as “buy turnips”, “sell turnips”, “go shopping”, and “island tour at friend X”. My journal has a checklist of things I wanted to build – a festival area, beach bar, museum, restaurant, gym, library, etc. But the best part is that I get to spend time with sisters and friends, visiting each other’s islands and houses, albeit virtually. 

Thank you May, for the ability to connect with people despite their distance.

So, what do you think?

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