On How Blogging Became Soul-less

I know that I’ve been in bed for far too long when I started rummaging through my old blogs — some of which I have created since I was in high school. It started with me blog-hopping, searching for awesome personal things to read while I’m stuck in bed on a Friday evening. I ended up on home pages of past classmates, really close friends I haven’t seen in the last 3 years. And these pages haven’t been touched in the last 7 years. Remember Blogdrive? Live Journal? This kind of thing makes me really nostalgic. Continue reading “On How Blogging Became Soul-less”

Facebook Mobile App for Java: Free Trial Extended til Oct 31

If you thought that Smart’s free trial for Facebook Mobile App for java ends today, you are not alone.Apparently, DPWhere is not yet a thing of the past. Thanks to Facebook. Haha.

For useful info, just go to Smart’s Facebook for All site.

Steve Jobs Look Alikes

It won’t be long before a Steve Jobs film will be released. I heard Sony Pictures is already working on getting the rights of Steve Jobs’ official biography written by Walter Isaacson (that lucky bastard). This leaves us wondering, who will be playing Jobs?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the handsome young Jobs resembles a couple of hot Hollywood actors. On the list are celebrities such as Ralph Fiennes, Noah Wyle, and so on and so forth. I’ve checked out the photos of these personalities and couldn’t help but choose my top three.

On my 3rd place… Ashton Kutcher. This guy highly resembles Jobs, and even has that sort of crooked smile. Ashton’s hair is a bit unkempt though.

The second place goes to none other than the apple of our eyes, Tom Cruise:

Could be the nose or the eyes or how you couldn’t say whether that’s a clean or a rugged look.

And if you thought Cruise is it, then you would be surprised by my Top 1. This guy looks just like Jobs as we knew him — almost bald, white hair, signature black turtleneck, jeans and tennis shoes. Hell, this guy’s even got a video to prove it:

Tada! I don’t even know his name. I just know he’s this Jobs impersonator selling tea in Taiwan. Who’s your bet among these guys?

Next to Normal the Musical: It’s Back in Manila!

Next to Normal is one of the greatest musicals I have watched my entire life. It is the only play that has ever brought me to tears. How important is that? To give you an idea, I’ve never cried over a single movie. Ever.

That was some time early this year, when it was run by Atlantis Productions in the RCBC theater. I didn’t do any research on its story beforehand — I like surprises. So knowing that it was a rock musical, I expected it to be sort of fun. While it did make me laugh a lot, what struck me more is how effortlessly it broke my heart.

Hands down to Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, who played as the manic-depressive mother — a role which, as mentioned by Maria Ressa in her blog post is downright “exhausting”. I couldn’t have thought of a better description for that character. Other roles were played by: Jett Pangan ( as Dan, the father), Felix Rivera (as Gabe, the son), Bea Garcia (as Natalie, the daughter) and Jake Macapagal (as the doctor — my favorite!). Good story, splendid performance.

In fact, Ms. Lea Salonga says:

“This is the best production Atlantis has presented in its many years of producing theater, not with a mammoth set, a huge cast, and racks of elaborate costumes, but with simplicity and directness, and a cast of six wonderful actors whose sole purpose was to tell a good story.”

Next to Normal is all about pain, love and family. I shall say nothing more lest I spoil it for you. I highly recommend you watch it, as they have a rerun from October 7 to 16, 2011. I’d watch it again if I get the chance.

Next to Normal is produced by Atlantis Productions. You can get your tickets from Shows in Manila, or you can just check the poster for more details.

Steve Jobs: How Come Nobody Noticed You’re Handsome?

I realize today that when a particular man is so great, nobody notices the little, seemingly insignificant things anymore. But look at him.

Steve Jobs was actually quite a handsome man.

I didn’t think you’d disagree. He was not bad at all.

But see, it’s not that pretty face that sticks. Because when you see this face:

You don’t see a handsome bearded man. What you see is Brilliance. Beauty. Change.

Today, It was the pretty man who died of cancer; whom we will later on bury six feet underground. But Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs isn’t dead. I have nothing to write that has yet been written elsewhere, except that Steve Jobs, like Jesus (hell, like Elvis Presley) is alive. Yes, maybe his body is gone, but his ideas, all the beauty that he has created — all these things that make up perhaps 90% of his whole being — they live on.

And you could bet he’s got a way loooonger life to live than anyone of us.

Peter Pan at the Meralco Theater

I bet one time or another you’ve had this Peter Pan fantasy of never growing old. I’m no different! In fact I might still have that fantasy deep within me now — life is a never-ending quarter-life crisis (or so they say). If you are, like me, a fan of this Mr. forever-boy fairy tale character, then this might be of interest to you: Repertory Philippines and Stages present Peter Pan.

Me and my family and some buds had a first look at it last 29th of September (tickets courtesy of my dear father, thank you). To give an honest opinion, it wasn’t as fun as expected, although it wouldn’t be fair to say I hadn’t enjoyed it at all. For one, Sam Concepcion is rather charming and talented. And I loved those Indian bits!

I’m not quite sure about the ticket prices, but my guess is it should range from P600-P1500. Bring kids! There’s gonna be a lot of flying. 🙂

Peter Pan will be shown at the Meralco Theater from Sept. 29 – Oct. 30, 2011. Check poster for details.

I’m just around the corner / capoeiramanila

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