What Does Dog Heaven Look Like?

Warning: emotional

I wanted it to be a happy story — as it really was, and I wanted to tell it from the beginning. I’ve already started from how I chose him, how I took him home that blessed day when he was only a month and a half old. But now I guess I’ll have to fast forward a bit to about 4 years later, the last time I ever saw him.

For us it was just one of his usual trips to the vet. He went there a lot lately because being the spoiled creature that he is, we couldn’t put meds in his ears. It’s pretty minor but he doesn’t like that. And every time we try he’d get a really angry or hide. So we had the vet folks do that. This time it was different though. He was weak and wouldn’t eat, and it seemed he couldn’t move properly. So mom and dad rushed him to the doctor and he was confined. That was last Friday, two days ago. The Saturday after was a normal day of missing him. Or so I thought. I miss him terribly every time he’s not in the house. I always wanted to pick him up and take him home even if I know I shouldn’t for his own good. It’s just that I know he doesn’t like the vet, and that he’s probably looking for his family already. So I missed him yesterday as I always do and I tried not to worry that he’s sick.

But then at around 10pm, the vet called. Why would a doctor call in the middle of the night? She explained the situation. She’s not sure if Scotch would last until the next day.

When we got to the vet, baby boy was shaking. Seizures, doc said. He’s been like that for almost an hour. A few days back, Scotch fell from the bed. He might have hit his head badly and this affected his brain. I refuse to expound on this so let me get to the point. We took him home that day, like we always do after his visits in the vet. But this time, he was sleeping peacefully in a box. When he wakes up, he will be home. Really home.


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How I Met Scotch

Around 4 years ago, I saw photos of newborn puppies posted by a friend on Facebook. I’m not particularly fond of dogs — they make too much mess in the house — but for some reason, this set caught my attention. So after getting permissions from mom and dad (I was still in college), I visited my friend’s place to check out the puppies and see if I could buy one.

They were an odd breed: a mix of some kind of terrier and poodle (they sometimes call this mix toodle or terripoo). I like odd things and they were terribly cute little odd things, so I got a bit excited to choose which baby to adopt. The pups were real friendly and kept on jumping at us and each other. All except one. One little black thing was hiding under the furniture. His fur was dark and wavy except for that part under his chin all the way to his chest and tummy. That part was white. And oh, also his left paw. If I remember correctly, they called him Boots for that reason. His eyes were blue the way I notice most black puppies’ eyes are. He was shy and wasn’t as playful as the others, and it didn’t seem like he totally liked me. I thought that was the most charming thing. I took him home that day.

So home I went with the black puppy with a white paw, whom, after some thought, I’ve decided to name Zachary Scotch. “Zachary” because that’s the name of the black ranger from Power Rangers, and “Scotch” after the alcoholic drink. I just think it sounds good. At home, we call him Scotch.

So that was how I met what I never knew was to be my bestest companion.

I Was a Star City Kid

I bet none of you have been to Star City in about 5 million years, and you’re not really planning to return anytime. It was the same for me. Except one blessed, unplanned holiday night, we figured we’d head there just for the heck of it. And perhaps also to relive some childhood memories.

Before Enchanted Kingdom, I was shamelessly a Star City kid. I loved the ball slide, bump cars, jump-jumps (a.k.a. inflatables) and the wacky worm. So visiting the place again as an adult was quite an experience.

A few realizations:

  1. The wacky worm is not wacky. But wait, get this — the wacky worm still exists. It’s still the same smiling green creature it was many years back. But wasn’t it like an extreme ride? I sat on its seat and I barely fit, but dang I still remember that particular part with the waves. Except that now all it does is tickle my ass. 
  2. The wacky worm is not even a worm. Is that a worm? I’m not so sure. So I propose it be renamed to the ass-tickling caterpillar. 
  3. Star City is a small place. When I was a one-digit kid, a home TV type of booth caught my attention. I thought I was holding my uncle’s hand as I was watched this guy with a mic cutting vegetables with his special knives. I was in awe. But when I looked up to the guy I’m holding onto, I realized he was a complete stranger! And I was all but a small girl lost and in tears in that big world. Come to think of it though, it’s not that a big place after all. Things just naturally look bigger when you’re littler. 
  4. Half of Star City is indoors, air-conditioned. Wasn’t Star City supposed to be outdoors? Now the most of it is inside some sort of arcade — even the bump boats and the smaller rides. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not a fan of long lines under the sun. 
  5. Star City is surprisingly clean. Being “home to the masses”, I thought it’d be a pain to maintain this place. But it turns out I was wrong. Might’ve been the timing of our visit, but nevertheless, I give that to them. I rode a superman-thing in Kuala Lumpur before, and my shirt totally smelled of shawarma when I got off. So Star City rides and vicinity = clean. Good enough anyway. 
  6. Star City is not really that wild. Ok, here’s a revelation: I’ve never ridden a roller coaster. Only a few people know this, although it’s no secret at all. Roller coasters are just around the corner, but for some reason I never got on one. So that night I figured, hey, let’s go! So Nica and I got on the Star Flyer. It’s that type of ride where your feet are hanging on the floor. Hell, it was wwiiii… pretty alright. It was okay for a roller coaster first-timer. 🙂 

If you ever plan to go back, visit on a night before a weekday like we did. This way you avoid the long queues and annoying kids. Ride-all-you-can is P350, plus whatever you spend for special rides and activities — for example, the snow place, lazer tag, bump balls, arcade games, etc. It’s not the best theme park, but if you’re like me it should bring back some nice memories.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

More details at www.starcity.com.phPhotos mostly by Nica Sioson.

Wake Up, It’s Time to Live

A few words before I hit the sack, because I think it’s worth it.

Tonight, I passed by the wake of a mother. She was 53 years old. A few days ago she was walking fine until a splitting headache hit her. Aneurism. In a few hours she was in a coma; a couple of days more and she was gone. Death: we know it’s coming but noone ever knows when it is.

I’m totally bad at this — coffins, flowers, the look in people’s eyes. I’m not close to the family, just paying a visit, but every image of death for me is a slap on the face. How are you living your life now? Oftentimes we live not giving a damn, saving life for a tomorrow that could possibly never come. If we’re lucky (and I hope most of us are), we see another tomorrow. If we’re even more lucky, we get to see the people we love again, breathing and all. But — and here’s the most important question — what if we don’t? What if we wake up and they’re just gone?

At The Black Eyed Peas Concert: Get a Room!

I got pretty excited with all my #SmartBEP discoveries in my previous post that I totally forgot to mention this. Aside from the concert, those people in our area had another show.

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Black Eyed Peas in Manila: Interesting Revelations

Although a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, I had absolutely no intentions of watching them perform live in Manila last October 25. I’ve already set in my mind that I’d rather put my 10 grand elsewhere. Until around 5:00pm of the concert day, when an officemate presented quite an interesting offer.Free VIP A tickets. I couldn’t let that fly out the window. So in about an hour, I was already in a cab and off to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Continue reading “Black Eyed Peas in Manila: Interesting Revelations”

Mercato Centrale: Eating on the Sidewalk for a Change

I’ve been hearing so many good things about Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City. My sisters have been bugging me to go there for weeks and weeks. So finally, despite my splitting headache last night, we drove to Fort to check it out.

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