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In the Heights: Pacencia y Fe!

ATLANTIS PROD- In The Heights cast

You could say that Atlantis Productions strikes again with another moving musical this year — In the Heights. Although the play takes place in a bodega-ish area in Manhattan’s Washington Heights, the common Pinoy would easily relate to the culture of the community, and even the individual stories of its characters.

Imagine a typical day of Usnavi, a guy who lives in the neighborhood:

Lights up on Washington Heights, up at the break of day
I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase away
Pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing
While I wipe down the awning
Hey ya’ll good morning

Daniel, a daddy who works hard to give his daughter a good education and a better life than his:

And I always knew
That she would fly away
That she was gonna change the world someday
I will not be the reason that my family can’t succeed
I will do what it takes
They’ll have everything they need
Or all my work, all my life
Everything I’ve sacrificed will have been useless

Nina, a college girl whom everyone looks up to, and who later on comes home after having quit school:

This is my street
I smile at the faces I’ve known all my life
They regard me with pride
And everyone’s sweet
They say, “You’re going places!”
So how can I say that while I was away, I had so much to hide!
Hey guys, it’s me!
The biggest disappointment you know

A lot of the issues involve making ends meet, the importance of family and home, getting educated — very Filipino indeed. They even have their own version of snow cones called piragua.

But among all, the most inspiring (and perhaps also my favorite) character would be Abuela Claudia, the woman who revels in the simple things of life and later on ***SPOILER WARNING*** wins the lottery:

And as I fed these birds
My hands begin to shake
And as I say these words
My heart’s about to break
And ay Mama
What do you do when your dreams come true?
I’ve spent my life inheriting dreams from you
What do I do with this winning ticket?
What can I do but pray?
I buy my loaf of bread
Continue with my day
And see you in my head
Imagining what you’d say
The birds, they fly away
Do they fly to La Vibora?
Alright, Mama, Okay.
Paciencia y fe!

Patience and Faith.

The last showing of In the Heights was actually today, but who knows, they might decide to show it again in the next couple of months. All I can give you at the moment is this sneak peek video from ASAP. The cast includes a rapping, hip-hopping Nyoy Volante (as Usnavi), Jackie Lou Blanco (as Camila) who surprised me with her lovely voice, Calvin Millardo (as Kevin) whom I must have seen in some other plays, and K-La Rivera (as Nina) whom I’ve never seen before but was very pleasant nevertheless.

Atlantis Productions was also responsible for moving me to tears a few months back through their heart-breaking heart-warming play, Next to Normal. This will be re-staged from October 7 to 16 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. For tickets, call Atlantis Productions at 892-7078 or 840-1187 or Ticketworld at 891-9999. For info, visit www.atlantisproductions.com. If you have spare tickets, please give them to me, I wanna watch it again!

Dogs Can Sing (feat. Scotch)

I don’t think there’s a better way to start your day than watching a fam bam baby singing — especially if that baby is a dog. Meet our talented baby boy, Scotch.

Fun Facts:

  • Name: Zachary Scotch — Zachary because he’s black, and that was the name of the black ranger from Power Rangers when we were kids; Scotch because, well, just because.
  • Also called: Scotch, Scotchie Boy, Baby Boy, Oogly Boy — but he will also respond to the sound of food plastic wrappers.
  • Breed: Terripoo, a Terrier and Poodle hybrid — his hair was newly shaven at the time the video was taken, poor little thing has no hair except for that mustache.
  • Favorite food: Seafood, or “if I seafood, I eat food” — which is everybody’s favorite anyway.
Real Story: I’ll explain it another time. In the meantime, just enjoy the show. 🙂

Simple Everyday Happy Stuff

Although I try to resist the urge to write anything too personal (which means that I am likely to delete this in a couple of days), some things are just too nice not to share. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the lottery. I just really appreciate simple everyday happy stuff — that’s a mouthful — like:

1. Being able to eat chocolate chips. Dot dot dot, after a whole day of eating nothing but Skyflakes. I wouldn’t want to elaborate but it has something to do with loose… movement.

2. Comments from people you don’t know. I know our parents said we shouldn’t, but I like talking to strangers. It’s like, hey, someone’s reading! And that makes me happy. 🙂

3. Contagious blog posts. Once in a while you come across feel-good blog posts and you feel just as inspired. ?

4. Knowing you’re cool. Well that sounds a bit narcissistic but I got that from a movie I watched in the car on my way home: “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. It’s about 16-year old Craig who admitted himself to a mental hospital after realizing he needs to be cured of his suicidal depression. Anyway, one of his friends from inside, Bobby, told him:

“You’re cool. You’re smart. You’re talented. You have a family that loves you. You know what I would do just to be you for just a day? I would, I would do so much. I would, I don’t know, I’d just… I’d just live. Like it meant something.”

See, there’s no need to dig too deep. We all have something — big or small — to be thankful for. We just gotta keep our eyes open. 🙂

Being Bad-Ass in Brazilian

A few years back, our Sinha Bahia Capoeira was featured in Expat Magazine — I got a bit excited when I found this in our archives. I know a lot of people are curious about it, so if you want to know how it is in the eyes of a first timer, I encourage you to read the full article.

Facebook Mobile App (for Java) Still Free on Smart

FB OverviewI’m not late alright, I know this started months ago. I simply want to remind you. You can still be part of the thousands of Smart subs — no pun intended — using the Facebook Mobile App (for Java) for free.

You have a month and a half more to enjoy this, so if you have yet to download it on your good ‘ol Nokia N70 or even your new china phone, it’s about time. Continue reading “Facebook Mobile App (for Java) Still Free on Smart”

Futsal at Club 650

I have gotten numerous requests to post this, so once and for all, here it is. These Brazilian guys regularly play Futsal beside the Capoeira area at Club 650. If you’re actually interested to work out though, Club 650’s got badminton, futsal, basketball, table tennis, and of course, Capoeira.

Club 650 is located along Libis, Quezon City, Philippines.