Pole Dancing: Don’t Expect it to be Sexy the First Time

I’m sure that when you hear the word “pole dancing”, a lot of questions come to your mind: Do they play Bon Jovi music in class? Do they dim the lights for a sexy effect? Isn’t that supposed to be an all girls class? Tonight we found out that almost everything we thought about pole dancing was wrong.

After work this evening, some office mates and I went to Jollijam Arts Center in Makati to try it for the first time.

From left to right: 2 regular students, and then my office mates Kimbee, Jean, Marj and Val

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I’m back!

So I’ve been in and out, in and out of this world (among others), but today I declare myself officially back! And like your favorite superhero, I decided I’d dive from the ceiling and fly in with a grand entrance… Except I couldn’t, but I managed to make a graceful landing.

Literally Head Standing

I guess that would be Crazy #1 then.

That would be all for now. So, goodbye and hello!