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    BOOK NOTES: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In

    My colleague Nim gifted me Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In for my birthday last year. It couldn’t be more apt. I just turned 29, which meant I have just one more year on my so-called “twenties”. It is, indeed, a very…

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    There is one bad thing about being at the top of your game: at one point it ends. But then there is also one good thing about being on the low side of your game: at one point, it also ends.

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    For you, this 2015: Be Mindful

    I had a good talk with Lucille over wine right before the holidays. And it mostly revolves around her 2015 resolution: mindfulness. It’s interesting because mindfulness is a word I have overused in the past year. I have gone to such…

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    Just to Thank You

    I wanted to write an elaborate note, detailing how the year has been and has not been and things like that. But then it’s already two days after my birthday and I haven’t said anything yet. I think way too…

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    About Page – July 2012

    If you are meeting me for the first time, I hope it’s love at first sight. Oh, I could be a little bit weird and crazy sometimes, but what the hell. They say that what you write (or draw or…

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    We are sort of under construction

    This was us before (pertaining to the photo above), and you may have seen this then if by some stroke of un-luck you have come across this blog. We are under construction at the moment though. Or, more aptly, we are in…