Bali, Indonesia: Temples Galore

BALI, INDONESIA – Bali is called “The Island of a Thousand Temples” for a reason. Everywhere you go, every corner you take, you’ll see a Hindu temple or shrine. It is said that there’s one in almost every home. Continue reading “Bali, Indonesia: Temples Galore”

Bali, Indonesia: Tirta Gangga

BALI, INDONESIA – One of the must-go places near our resort, Royal Bali Beach Club in Candidasa, is Tirta Gangga. Simply put, it’s a park-slash-garden, and is supposedly photogenic from every angle. Unfortunately, my photo skillz weren’t that good yet at the time we visited, not to mention I over-edit in a feeling-Instagram way. Continue reading “Bali, Indonesia: Tirta Gangga”

Bali, Indonesia: The Beaches

BALI, INDONESIA – The fact is that we didn’t have a lot of time to sit down by the beach and stare at the sea during our Indonesia trip. Unfortunately, our 4 days 3 nights stay just isn’t enough for a full Bali experience (which, if you’ve heard people talking about Bali, is supposedly filled with water-involved activities). Nevertheless, we were able to briefly visit and even have lunch in some of them. Continue reading “Bali, Indonesia: The Beaches”

Bali, Indonesia: Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary

BALI, INDONESIAUbud Monkey Forest, otherwise known as Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (whew – bet you didn’t finish reading that), is one of the main tourist destinations in Ubud.  Continue reading “Bali, Indonesia: Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary”

What to do in Animal Shows (Bali, Indonesia Part 2)

Have you ever been part of an animal show? Nico and I went to Bali Safari and Marine Park as part of our tour and watched two shows — the (main) Animal Show and the Elephant Show. We were chosen as guests for both.

It was supposed to be just a joke. The host was asking for a volunteer from the audience during the main show — you know how it is, right? So I decided to take Nico’s hand and wave it frantically up the air. I guess they thought she was the most excited (they didn’t know she was highly embarrassed by my madness) so she chose her. The instruction was simple. Feed the eagle.

Simple right? It’s already a cool experience in itself, but what made us want to do it again is because the prize is a P1,200 worth ticket to a cultural show in the Safari Theater. For one person. And there were two of us.

So come the Elephant Show, it was my turn to wave excitedly and embarrass myself (except that I rarely get embarrassed). And again, of course, the Vida was chosen.

Lovely. Two free tickets to a cultural show and a one-of-a-kind onstage experience. Not bad methinks.

For more info on Bali Safari and Marine Park, visit:

Eat, Pray, Love (Bali, Indonesia Part 1)

Bali, Indonesia. This should have been uploaded months ago — back when I was always telling myself I need to put up a site where I can dump my travel memories to. It was May 2011. I was with the travel bud and a notebook in hand. That’s how I do it. I write down my observations, my expenses, our rights and our wrongs, hoping that one day I’d be able to collect them all to share to everybody. The bad news is, I don’t know where that notebook is. But hey, the photos are still here (as well as some of my itinerary notes)! So lemme show you some of our eatin’, prayin’, lovin’ adventures last summer.

Getting There

First things first: there is no direct flight from Manila to Bali. You gotta go Manila-Jakarta-Bali. From Manila, we took the 9:00pm flight to Jakarta, which is roughly P6,500 round trip via Cebu Pacific. We arrived around midnight at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Pretty cool place. We got to sleep a bit since our next flight is still at 6:30am. Going to Denpasar Airport, we flew with Air Asia — it’s pretty much like Cebu Pac in the Philippines, except with leather seats and nicely dressed stewardesses. We paid around P5,300 round trip for that. So the whole fare from Manila to Bali was roughly P11,800. Continue reading “Eat, Pray, Love (Bali, Indonesia Part 1)”