VIDEO: Climbing Mt. Pico De Loro

Mt. Pico De Loro – Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas

Ever since I’ve discovered the art of video-making in October, I’ve been putting one up on my Vimeo every month. This is my new year’s entry. I plan to grow in the craft more throughout the year. Which means I need to go on more adventures (wink).

VIDEO: Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

Is it nice in Mt. Pinatubo?

A lot of people ask me this question. Well here’s my short answer: I’ve been there thrice. Mostly to accompany cousins from abroad. I hope that answers it.

I recommend it mainly because it’s beautiful, but also because it fits the adventure and nature categories without much of the pain (i.e. it’s not as hard as other hikes and climbs).

In this video, I trekked with some eight relatives and friends on a private tour. You can check our itinerary at Travels with Pau and Raya.

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VIDEO: An Airbnb Birthday at Anvaya Cove

My birthday ideas for this year revolved around Airbnb listings. Seriously – a boat in Hong Kong, an island in the Philippines… There are a hundred extraordinary places to experience if you look around there. But finally, I thought, I wanted to spend some time with the family. And so I settled for something simpler.

Anvaya Cove is located in Morong, Bataan, and is about a 4-hour drive from Manila. It is a member-only resort, possibly the nicest one around that area. It is not my first time there actually, but I had a couple of qualifications for this particular trip:

  • A couple of hours drive from the city
  • Homey, comfortable and clean
  • By the beach, because I already live on the mountain
  • Spacious enough to fit the family
  • Not too costly

So this is what I found: A 2-BR unit at Anvaya Cove’s Sea Breeze condominium. 

And how did that go? Check out the video above!

TIP: For this trip, I had a hefty P2,500 discount available to Smart subscribers as part of an ongoing partnership. This promo is still ongoing so you can still avail of it for your 2016 trips! Here are the details for Smart and Sun.


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VIDEO: Exploring Coron, Palawan


It has been a long, long while since I’ve written anything around here. At times I feel like adult life has been pulling me away from the part of my soul that likes creating things just for the heck of it. But no. Not today.

Two months ago, I “discovered” the GoPro. Of course I’ve known her a long time ago. She’s quite a pop kid in the sports and adventure scene. But this is the first time we’ve had an actual experience together, I would say. In Coron, Palawan. No less.

I traveled to Coron with Paula for her birthday last October. This is one of those places in the Philippines I’ve always wanted to go. It fits my personality quite well. We’ve been under the sun, the sea, the rocks, the huts, the shade of the boat. We’ve been mostly offline, all five days. Ah! The beauty of it.

In the past years, I’ve gone from words to photographs, sharing my explorations and experiences. Video is a new medium I am in the process of learning. I hope you enjoy.

The Art of Giving

MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY, ANTIPOLO CITY – I am one of those people who declutter my life as often as possible. I believe in simplicity. Once in a while I open my cabinets to check for things I don’t foresee using in the near future, and see which ones I could either give away or throw away. More often than not, my desks – both at home and at work – are clean and empty. If there is something there that I haven’t used in a few months, I assume that I probably never will so I pass them on to someone who is more likely to find value in it.  Continue reading “The Art of Giving”

LeBlanc: An Exclusive Luxury Resort in Antipolo

LE BLANC, ANTIPOLO CITY – Antipolo is filled with exclusive resorts that are often rented out for parties, reunions, and other such celebrations. Much like Laguna and Tagaytay, it’s just an easy ride outside of the main city and could serve as a quick escape to people wanting to take the weekend off without driving too far. Continue reading “LeBlanc: An Exclusive Luxury Resort in Antipolo”

Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven

PINTO ART MUSEUMPreviously, I raved about how stunning I thought Pinto is, but I didn’t really show a lot of photos of the actual art inside. Although its exhibits may vary from time to time, here is a visual sneak peek of what was there this March 2013. Continue reading “Pinto Art Museum: Antipolo’s Secret Art Haven”

Opening the Doors to Art at Pinto

PINTO ART MUSEUM – I have lived in Antipolo since I was born. I’ve heard of Pinto maybe once or twice in my lifetime. What I didn’t know is that this place that people are talking about is a huge haven of art. I have never seen anything like it, and I’m quite surprised that it’s located right in the city where I live. Continue reading “Opening the Doors to Art at Pinto”

Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival

We only stayed overnight and went to Mt. Malasimbo for the festival in the evening so we only bought the one-night pass. But aside from the ticket itself, going to Malasimbo means having to pay for travel and accommodation at Puerto Galera. Here’s a list of things you need to consider when budgeting for Malasimbo in case you want to go next year. (I’m telling you now – you should.) Continue reading “Budgeting for Malasimbo Festival”

Stoned at Malasimbo

MALASIMBO 2013 –  It’s been a week since and I’m still raving about this charming 25-year-old singer, Joss Stone, one of the main performers in this year’s Malasimbo Music Festival. I wasn’t even a fan prior to hearing about her scheduled performance, but I’ve heard good stuff about the festival itself so I made sure to be present this year, even just for one night. Continue reading “Stoned at Malasimbo”