Far Far Away in Singapore

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE – The common belief is wrong: Kingdom Far Far Away is not really that far away. Okay, that was corny. Continue reading “Far Far Away in Singapore”

Wandering Ancient Egypt and the Lost World

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE – How I wish it were really Egypt or The Lost World. That would have been fantastic. But this is the nearest thing to that, at least here in Asia. Continue reading “Wandering Ancient Egypt and the Lost World”

I Never Wanted To Go To Universal Studios

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE was certainly not in my itinerary. I went to Singapore early this year for one reason – to watch the Norah Jones concert. And so aside from that, my itinerary was filled with nothing but vague ideas and possibilities. Continue reading “I Never Wanted To Go To Universal Studios”

Norah Jones Before I Die

There are only a handful of people and bands in my “artists to watch perform before I die” list. And yes, this very short list includes Norah Jones.¬† Continue reading “Norah Jones Before I Die”

Norah Jones in Singapore 2013 – A Sneak Peek

Norah Jones performed at The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore just last night, February 27, 2013. Friend and I had the best seats in town. Front and center – close enough to see her pores. No, I’m kidding. But here’s a sneak peek – Norah Jones singing Lonestar.

Tales from Singapore Teksi Drivers

I’m back. Well, not really back-back, but back somehow. I didn’t know I’ve been away that long. From this blog. From everything in this country. I was out for a bit – went to Singapore for one week (the photo above is taken at a bar with two of my friends who live in SG – Sob and Chaneau). My head is practically spinning right now with all the details I want to share; about work, about meeting new people, about being in a totally strange place oftentimes all by myself, about Singapore. Perhaps another day.¬†Today, I’d like to recall a few experiences I had in the taxi cabs in SG. Continue reading “Tales from Singapore Teksi Drivers”