The Hanoi Story: A Summary of Random Observations

The Hanoi experience wouldn’t have been complete without my random observations. Bear with me. Or not. These were just taken from my 2012 moleskine. Continue reading “The Hanoi Story: A Summary of Random Observations”

Hanoi, Vietnam: Staying at An Hung Hotel

Staying in An Hung Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam was not a choice. Our Hanoi escapade was a package we got from Groupon Philippines. For only PHP 6,250 per person, we booked for a 3D/2N trip, inclusive of accommodation at An Hung Hotel and a one-day cruise in Ha Long Bay. We stayed an extra night though, so we just had to pay for that. Continue reading “Hanoi, Vietnam: Staying at An Hung Hotel”

Trang An, Vietnam: The Joy of Not Knowing

It takes a bit of research actually learning about Vietnam, especially if you’re travelling without a tour guide. In Trang An, our tour guide left us with the boatman – he knew absolutely no English. He never talked to us, except for those (not so) rare times he had to tell us what not to do. Continue reading “Trang An, Vietnam: The Joy of Not Knowing”

Hanoi Countryside: The Trang An Photo-Photo Experience

Despite language barriers, we understand each other through smiles. And the smile of this man who rowed for us for hours in Trang An with a poker face, is one of the highlights of this part of the trip to the north of Hanoi. Continue reading “Hanoi Countryside: The Trang An Photo-Photo Experience”

North of Hanoi: Hoa Lu and Tam Coc

If it hadn’t been for our fellow Filipino travelers that we met during the Hanoi trip, we wouldn’t have known about the Hoa Lu-Tam Coc tour. It simply didn’t come out of my pre-trip research (which might also mean I didn’t research good enough). Anyhow, I’m glad we met them there, because if we hadn’t, then we wouldn’t have seen the beautiful countryside.  Continue reading “North of Hanoi: Hoa Lu and Tam Coc”

Hanoi Food Trip #3: And 4 and 5

The message is clear: We ate a lot in Vietnam. And so I’ve decided to put all of those food places in which we’ve eaten together in one post. This is that post. Continue reading “Hanoi Food Trip #3: And 4 and 5”

Hanoi Food Trip #2: Eating on the Sidewalks

Vietnam is a food experience in itself. The food is so amazingly cheap and just so good that you can’t help but try everything you see – even the ones on the sidewalks.

On our first evening, we went shopping at the night market which was walking distance from An Hung Hotel, in which we stayed. Continue reading “Hanoi Food Trip #2: Eating on the Sidewalks”

Hanoi Food Trip #1: Quan An Ngon

I was supposed to entitle this post “Travel Diet Tip #1: Don’t go to Vietnam”. Because I think I gained a few pounds on my way back to the Philippines. And to think that I was there for only three days!

Our first lunch in Hanoi was in Quan An Ngon. Continue reading “Hanoi Food Trip #1: Quan An Ngon”

The Colorful Thien Cung Cave – Hanoi, Vietnam

The Ha Long Bay Cruise must have been one of my favorite parts of our Hanoi trip. As part of the tour, we stopped over at Thien Cung Cave (translated as “The Cave of Heavenly Palace”). Continue reading “The Colorful Thien Cung Cave – Hanoi, Vietnam”