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Blessed May Be An Overused Word

There are many things to be grateful for today. And so despite my tired bones and sleepy eyes at this hour, I feel obliged to write them down lest they fade away into dreams.

Here’s the reality: I am blessed.

I just came from a whole-day yoga event called Global Mala Project Manila. I was supposed to be up and about by 10:30 am for the second class, but I ended up staying in bed a few hours more as a result of my long and sleepless week. (I must say, even that sleeplessness is a blessing in itself.) Continue reading

To Be Monstrously Fit: Capoeira ‘Fro Day Fridays

“You are a monster.”

In the context of sports, this is probably the best compliment that I could ever give. If I tell you that you’re a monster, it means that you’re in more or less that physical state I aspire to be in. Earlier this year, I told myself I want to be as fit as I was back in college. Today, I pull that goal up a level higher. I want to be fit as a monster. Continue reading

How It Feels to be Kicked in the Face (Part 2: A Lesson In Capoeira)

Capoeira has always been known to be a “dance” type of sport. There is so much grace involved in it that people often forget that it’s a martial art. As the capoeira song “Zum Zum Zum” goes: Zum, zum, zum, Capoeira mata um! Translated to english, this means: Zum, zum, zum, Capoeira is deadly! It is. Continue reading

30 Minutes of 360 Fit (360 Fit Club)

Warning: contains a lot of random things about me.

Each day – or maybe at least each month – you gotta do something that you previously thought was impossible. At least attempt to do something. If you fail, no matter. Fail better the next time. As long as you don’t break your neck (or your nose) in the process, you’ll be fine. Promise.

Continue reading