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Bag of Beans and Jakoy

I’ve been going to Tagaytay for two weekends in a row this year. The last one was a day trip for that Taal trek, which I talked about here and here. The week before that was to celebrate two occasions — a birthday and a wedding proposal. Lots of Tagaytay discoveries in that trip too, but I ran out of camera battery before the sun went down.

Oh well.

This is Marianne and Jackie, the birthday girl.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard about this place — I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about it. It’s not so new, but for me, it’s a new discovery nonetheless and I’m quite satisfied. We ate at Bag of Beans for late lunch that Saturday.

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Taal Cam-whoring (Taal, Batangas Part 2)

Warning: contains me and my family and lots of touristy photos

We actually went up Taal because my cousin Joie (in brown shirt) is an avid hiker in Portland. This is baby stuff for her, so I’m looking for a level 2 place to go to this weekend. Open for suggestions!

It also happens that I love talking to strangers, so we met a few people. Continue reading

Royale Tagaytay: Bonding with the Family

Tagaytay is one of those places we people from Manila go to for an “instant” vacation. With the rain coming and going from June to October — you never know when it’s going to pour these days — there aren’t really a lot of activities we could do outdoors. So last month, for my dad’s and sister’s birthdays, the fam bam drove to Royale Tagaytay for a short weekend bummin’ escape from the hustles and bustles of the metro. This is a long overdue post, but better late than boring.

Royale Tagaytay was originally for members only, but is now open to the public. It was introduced by one of mom’s friends to us, so we decided to give it a shot.  At P5,500 for a loft: not bad. It’s a good pick, considering there’s nothing much to do in that weather. You’d see in the photos, that it wasn’t actually sunny when we went there, so it helped a lot that there’s billiards, bowling, a spa, and other such indoor activities. When it comes to their food though, I would recommend to just order a la carte — our dinner was yummy, but the lunch buffet wasn’t really satisfying. Overall, it’s a good place to spend some bonding time away from home. :)

Royale Tagaytay is located at E. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Buck Estate, Alfonso, Alfonso, Tagaytay, Philippines. Their website is down at the moment, but for more reviews and photos, you can check out Agoda.