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A Farewell Letter

I haven’t written anything well thought of for a very long time. And though I didn’t have all the time in the world to do this, I did put some effort into writing my last letter to my friends in the previous company I worked in. I sent this on my supposed last day (“supposed” because I got cut off my e-mail on the morning of my last day – that’s another story). And so here it goes:

Hello my friends!

I ran the numbers.

On a regular day, we spend about 1 hour preparing for work, 2 hours on the road to and from work, 9 hours at work, and another 2 hours thinking or talking about work (y’know, group chat). If I slept for 7 hours a day, that’s easily 82% of my whole waking weekday.

If I lived to be a hundred years old, I would have spent 6% of my entire life with you. (Chances are I would only live to 70, in which case that would have been 9% of my life!)

So. O.M.G. I should have really, really made the most out of my stay here at Smart. What a shame, otherwise. The good news is, because of all of you people, I’d like to believe I did.

You have filled 6% of my life and 82% of my waking days with the greatest challenges, the heartiest laughters, the most hurtful of failures, the stubborn dusting off of asses and getting back up to try again, constructive criticism, the most passionate of arguments, the pats on the back, the friendship, the opportunities to stretch myself in ways I never could have imagined possible… All the ways.

Thank You.

I will surely miss prancing around your floors looking for the right person to execute an idea with, or help solve a problem, or annoy, or exchange silly nothings with when things get tough. And things get tough. But you make the tough easier. Whether you like it or not, for better or for worse, I will always be part of your team.

You know who you are: The leaders who set the bar high so that even I can surpass my own expectations for myself. The colleagues that readily engaged after a single call or message despite impossible circumstances and very short notice. All of you who have generously opened so many opportunities for me throughout my stay.

I’m sad I was unable to say goodbye to each one of you, but ya know what, I will see you again! I’m pretty sure. 😉

Here are some ways for us to keep in touch:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Every other social media platform: @vidasioson
  • I am also retaining my mobile number: [hidden]

My friends and family from Smart and PLDT, may you continue to fill your lives with magic and dreams and good madness. Define the big things in your work, and in your life, and never forget about them.

For now (and only for now), adieu!

All the best,


I apologize for sending this out late. My email was cut yesterday, April 7. I thought it was supposedly my last day! And if I did forget anyone in this email list, I’m hoping you can still forward and extend my big warm hug!

If you are in this email list and you haven’t the faintest idea who I am, pleased to e-meet you! We were former colleagues. 🙂

Thank you Rach, for sending me everyone’s email addresses.

So, what do you think?

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