Start here.

The content here dates back as far as 2011 and is a hodgepodge of whatever I feel like writing. As such, I thought I’d create a starting point for anyone who manages to find this space and may be interested in rummaging through my brain fart.

  • World – In the beginning, I was mostly documenting my travels across the Philippines and the world. I’ve dabbled into creating travel videos as well. Some of my favorites include a trip to Coron with Paula, Hiking Mt. Pinatubo with cousins, a visit to my friend in Switzerland. I used to have so much more, but they were taken down due to music copyright issues.
  • Life: 30 Day Challenges – I have discovered, in 2012, that a 30 Day Challenge format worked well for me in terms of making or breaking habits, among other things. I use the challenge to cleanse from social media, sweets, junk food, alcohol, as well as learn and acquire new skills such as inversions, pull ups, or running.
  • Life: New Year Wishes – These are letters to myself at the start of every year after much pondering about life. Inspired by Neil Gaiman.
  • Mind – A place where I dump my thoughts on various things I consume and experience on the daily. May include books, arts, music (see: Norah Jones, Joss Stone) and even… a pie graph of my life? I guess I’m quite random.
  • Body – This could potentially be categorized as Fitness, but I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term. I’m more of a movement enthusiast, always trying out different arts and pushing my body beyond its limits. I think it’s damned fun. I’ve tried many through the years but have been most passionate about Capoeira and Yoga. These days I’m working on my Pulls and Running.

Going through some of my stuff in this space, I discovered a lot of my images and videos are gone or unlinked somehow. I may or may not decide to fix those anytime soon. For now, welcome to my embarrassing past. Or whatever.