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Bali, Indonesia: Monkey Forest Ubud Sanctuary

BALI, INDONESIAUbud Monkey Forest, otherwise known as Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (whew – bet you didn’t finish reading that), is one of the main tourist destinations in Ubud. 

For 20,000 Rupiahs, we got to walk around and see – well – monkeys. Possibly in the hundreds.

We sat with them, walked with them, watched them do their thing.

They’re surprisingly not as wild as those I’ve seen in other places (i.e. those crossing the road in Subic). Some of them will just lie around and not care about you. They’re used to people.

We bought bananas at the entrance to feed them, and – again, surprisingly – some of them wouldn’t even bother to take the fruits from us. I guess tourists have been feeding them all day and they’re all like, “okay… bananas…”.

Although some had the courtesy to receive our precious gifts. Like this buddy right here.

Here’s me with the big one.


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