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Bern, Switzerland: Road Trip to the Gorgeous Old Town

Bern, Switzerland, October 3, 2016 – Euro Trip Day 2

There are way too many beautiful places to go in Switzerland that choosing which ones to visit throughout my stay was a tough job. I read about the city of Bern. The historic old town became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. The internet loves it, and I was ecstatic of my choice.

As it was just an hour and a half drive max from Vevey, it was possible to take a day trip after school. In the morning, Rica woke me up to drop off Benjamin. The sun was barely up when we went out, and the wind was cold.

Despite such, I can’t help but look around in amazement at the view of their usual walk path to school.

And how this is just their normal, day-to-day life scene.

Before noon, we picked up Benjamin again, taking the path which passes through the cemetery.

Where the late Chaplins lay.

We got home to have lunch and get the kids ready for our trip to Bern. Armed with strollers and kid biscuits, I squeezed myself in between toddler car seats and off we went!

The old city did not disappoint.

At all.

It was glorious. The texture of every structure, the cobblestone streets, the red roofs, the antique doors and windows.

The Zytglogge (Clock Tower).

Wrapping up the day with some sweet stuff. Au revoir Bern!


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