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Biorhythm: Music and the Body with some Buddies

Biorhythm is a travelling exhibition exploring the relationship between the music and the body. It was first exhibited at Science Gallery in Ireland back in 2010, before moving to New York and then Singapore. I would never have heard of it, except that apparently, since November 15, 2012, it’s been here in the Philippines at The Mind Museum, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Also, it just so happens that we were there last February 10 – five days before it leaves the country. It’s probably back in Ireland by now.

Being a music lover, this was an exhibit I took particular interest in. In fact, I paid more attention and actually enjoyed it more than the rest of The Mind Museum. (But then again, I may be biased.) Here are some photos I took with my phone. These may not give justice to the full experience, but it should give an idea as to how it looks like.

Sound + Lego.

Just so we are clear, this is not a resting station. Sonic Bed London (which is actually a bed in a box) produces sound through vibrations, or vibrates because of the sound produced. It’s really hard to tell the difference.

And no, you don’t need to look as stupid as this when you’re trying it out.

These are buttons to the Sonic Chair – Something for the Girl Who Has Everything. Which is actually a lazy boy (see first photo in this post) with a vibrating seat. Haha.

I took awhile watching this video installation called Instrumen – it just struck me now that the name of the installation is a combination of the words “Instrument” and “men”. It’s basically three human bodies made into instruments.


My favorite among all (and I’d imagine also a favorite of many) is the Reactable. Every shape in the photo below represents something – a sample or beat that loops itself, a filter, a tempo-changer, a volume-adjuster, etc. By placing them on the table in a certain way, they connect to each other and create music.

That was a very bad way of explaining it though, so here’s a sample video.

This has gained so much popularity that they even made it into an app for the iOS and Android.

To think that under the table of this amazing music maker, is just this:

Aside from what’s here, there are many other equally interesting installations in the exhibit. Although The Mind Museum doesn’t exhibit anymore, more detailed descriptions as well as videos can be found in the Science Gallery website.


Biorhythm can be found at the Special Halls Exhibition from November 15, 2012 to February 15, 2013 


BIORHYTHM only: P250 (Adult); P200 (Children/Students)

P800 (Adult); 
P600 (Children/ Private School Students);
P300 (Public School Students/ Teachers) 

So, what do you think?

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