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Black Eyed Peas in Manila: Interesting Revelations

Although a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, I had absolutely no intentions of watching them perform live in Manila last October 25. I’ve already set in my mind that I’d rather put my 10 grand elsewhere. Until around 5:00pm of the concert day, when an officemate presented quite an interesting offer.Free VIP A tickets. I couldn’t let that fly out the window. So in about an hour, I was already in a cab and off to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Good thing I was wearing flats ’cause we had to wait a while — the performance started around 9:30pm instead of 8. What’s funny is what we discovered during that wait:

There was a building right beside the grounds and there were a bunch of people watching from there. Dang lucky! Could’ve been fun if there was a bar there instead of offices — then we wouldn’t need to stand up down here and pay a fortune to watch.

But then again we’re here, and here they are… The Black Eyed Peas!

Enter, Fergie, Taboo and in their wild futuristic outfits and flashing lights.

Yeah, I know. These are pretty shitty photos taken on my Blackberry — no zooming or flashing or whatever. I went there unready and unarmed. But anyway. I love concert lights so here are more of ’em:

My guess is this is Will.I.Am in that robot suit — mixing rock tunes and such.

All four of them, although unrecognizable in this photo. Check out all the phones. It’s like people just go to concerts to take pictures these days. There’s even one capturing it on video — on a tablet!

I kinda expected they’d dance a bit, instead the boys just bobbed their heads while Fergie shook her booty. In some parts there were dancers in interesting costumes in the background.

That wasn’t an ordinary concert though. Those 2.5 hours weren’t just filled with rockin’ beats. There were lots of emo stuff and revelations. Here’s REVELATION #1: Apparently, in partnership with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF), is helping boost public school education here in the Philippines through this advocacy which they call “We Can Be Anything”. He’s even got a song for that. This made me say wow and easily puts Apl in my inspirations list.

I cannot help but be amazed with’s filipinism. Half American and half Filipino, this guy grew up with his Filipina mom (whom I’m guessing is a good cook since all the group talked about was adobo and such pinoy dishes). This brings me to REVELATION #2: actually means “Allan Pineda-Lindo of Angeles City, Pampanga“. O ha!

REVELATION #3: It was quite obvious that Smart was one of the major sponsors of this event, right?

Well, Apl revealed one more important thing… The new Smart.

You’d appreciate that logo more if you watch this video.

I guess you already know the last revelation then? REVELATION #4: Say hello to Smart’s new endorser! Coolness to the maximam.

Did you take note of that? Pretty awesome concert, this one. Had I paid for it, I would’ve still thought it was worth the mullah. But thanks for the freebie anyway (more to come please!). 🙂

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