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Eskaya Beach Resort, Bohol: The Balai

Escape and luxury: these are the two most fitting words to describe Eskaya Beach Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol. This is exactly the type of resort you thought you’d only ever see in magazines. 

Nominated as 2012’s Philippines’ leading resort at the World Travel Awards, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is simply stunning.

I was very lucky to have been pulled in to stay there overnight on one of August’s long weekends, but also kinda wished we were there the weekend before since Piolo Pascual was apparently there! Hehe.

We stayed at Balai 7, which is one of a total of only fifteen villas in the resort. I highly recommend this to people who literally want to get away.

The interior design is very Filipino. This is the first thing you see upon going inside the balai.

The interior design lacks that “wow” factor in it, but the room is very relaxing and homey.

Nice smelling Kalachuchi flowers are spread around the room. This makes the place feel alive.

There’s a flat screen television, iPod speakers, a fridge, welcome fruits – the usual things you’ll expect from a high end resort. They also have a couple of board games, in case you get bored (which I doubt). I wouldn’t really say it’s a family place – most villas are made for 2 people, and anyway, there is only 1 family villa available.

On the side of the bed.

The wall design with Alibata characters. Distinctly Filipino.

Right outside is a small terrace with two day beds.

Perfect for those afternoon naps.

Just another view of the terrace.

And of course, your very own private pool.

It’s just 4 feet deep and you can’t really do laps on it, but it’s perfect for private relaxation purposes.

We stayed in the Garden Villa, so it’s all just trees and plants around the area. But some villas are overlooking the sea, and others even have private infinity pools.

And this would be… me desperately trying out the manual setting of the camera.

Right beside the private pool is the entrance to the outdoor comfort room, which is actually the only comfort room there is. There’s also an “entrance” (or should I say exit?) from the inside of the room, so no worries.

Enter the comfort room… There’s no such thing as too much comfort, eh? That shower right there uses “natural water”. There’s a separate normal shower with heater and all as well.

This is where I spent my afternoons in – the jacuzzi. Imagine bubble bath and a good book.

Flowing water photo opp.

The washing area.

Everything is made for two here.

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is a part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), alongside Discovery Shores, Boracay Island and Misibis Bay, Albay. If you’re a member of SLH, you can get certain perks such as early check in (as in super early, like in the morning) and late check out (as in super late, like 4:00pm). This is very useful especially when you want to make the most of your time in the resort or if you have odd flight schedules. If you’re lucky and if the villas are available, you can even get free villa upgrades.

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Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is located in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. For more info, visit:

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