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Hanoi, Vietnam: Staying at An Hung Hotel

Staying in An Hung Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam was not a choice. Our Hanoi escapade was a package we got from Groupon Philippines. For only PHP 6,250 per person, we booked for a 3D/2N trip, inclusive of accommodation at An Hung Hotel and a one-day cruise in Ha Long Bay. We stayed an extra night though, so we just had to pay for that.

The entrance of the resort isn’t that lovely – there was a Balete tree right outside of the hotel. But the staff was really friendly, and the rooms were clean. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to share. But the guest photos at Trip Advisor are trustworthy. It’s not grand – the type of place you go to when you know you’ll be out of the hotel all day anyway. The beds are good enough, and the bathroom is clean.

This is the lobby. Yes, it’s small, but so is every other hotel in the area. The buildings in Hanoi are small and tall.

This is me, Nico, the guys we met in Hanoi, and someone from the crew. They asked us not to forget to review their hotel at Trip Advisor (apparently Trip Advisor is a big thing for them). I haven’t, up to this day. But yeah, this blog post is a good review enough isn’t it?

We had this photo taken before we left to go back to Manila.


An Hung Hotel is located in 01 Ngo Gach, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam (Formerly A&Em Hotel Hanoi). You may visit their website at 

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