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I Never Wanted To Go To Universal Studios

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE was certainly not in my itinerary. I went to Singapore early this year for one reason – to watch the Norah Jones concert. And so aside from that, my itinerary was filled with nothing but vague ideas and possibilities.

First off, I’m not a fan of rides or mascots or lines. Especially lines. I know from past experience that more than half of the time spent in amusement parks involve waiting – sometimes under the heat. I hate that. So I try to avoid such tourist places at all costs.

But not this time. It was, after all, a blessed Wednesday. Surely everybody will be out working right?

True enough, I’d have to say that this could possibly be one of the best times of the week (or year) to go to Universal Studios. There were absolutely no queues, and it almost felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. This is exactly how I want my amusement park experience to be.

Happy to say we were able to experience all seven zones in less than a day – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar.

These photos are mostly from Hollywood.

With queues, I’d say you need at least a full day to explore the whole park. Also make sure to pack a lot of extra patience in your bag.

Without queues, you still have enough time to dance with some of the handsome performers. (They actually are good looking, ya know.)

Less than a minute of adrenaline in exchange for a few minutes of waiting – not a bad deal at all! People will line up for hours for this.

I am quite surprised with how excited I was all throughout the trip. Even the kid rides were kind of fun. (Fine, the Madagascar rides were actually boring – but this Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase really awakened the four year old in me.)

And the sight of Po of course!

The Transformers 3D ride was my absolute favorite. We rode it twice.

I never wanted to go to Universal Studios. It’s a stupid time and money wasting place where all you do is line up under the heat of the sun and take photos with mascots of silly cartoon characters… Except that I had one helluva time. Oh yes, I did.

Ticket prices, for your reference:

Ticket Type Adult (Ages 13 to 59) Child (Ages 4 to 12) Senior (Ages 60 and above)
One Day Pass $74 $54 $36
Two Day Pass
(Two consecutive days)
$118 $88 $58


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