Inspiring the Inspiration

It took me a while to decide whether I should (re)post this. I would like to differentiate myself from people – mostly celebrities – who continuously retweet and repost every compliment said about them. But then, if you look at people as products trying to market themselves, then a repost of a good comment is simply a way of telling the world, hey, this is how other people think of me – much like reviews to movies and restaurants.

Anyway. That’s not why I’m doing this.

I’m posting this because I want to share some thoughts I have on inspirations. I’ve been feeling the pavement on my face a lot lately. Although I’d say I’m a pretty strong individual, sometimes little things like that could still hit the self-esteem a bit.

I saw this post on my Facebook wall one day, and I wondered where it came from. It seemed pretty random to me as I haven’t seen my cousin for a pretty long time. Secondly, that blog post could only be found in the middle of my archives. I guess my point is, I was kind of surprised. In truth, since it was posted, I went back to it to just look at it every morning. It helps start my day right. It gives me reason to stay up til the wee hours of the night so I could write a few words on what’s going on in my head.Β Like now, perhaps. So tonight, I decided I’d post it so it could live forever and I could go back to it anytime I want.

People like me – we just write to write. Me, I write because the activity relaxes me. Knowing that I’m being read just gives me an extra high because it means that at the very least, some people are entertained. But knowing that I actually inspire even just one person (even if it’s not necessarily because of writing)… Ah, that gives it a whole new meaning.

Having known that I could actually inspire, I am also inspired.

Hey Raya, we are just passing to each other balls of inspiration here, and telling this to you now just means that I’m passing the ball back to you. Thanks for the good vibes.

And to the rest of the world: everybody’s got an inspiration. How about telling them about it today?


Raya keeps a blog at I read some of her works back in high school and believed she wrote quite well for a young girl (not that I am an expert or anything) so I recommended she put up all her works online. She did, and I found out only tonight that she put her blog in private. You can give it a shot though and request for access if you are curious. I also taught her to play the guitar. Her first song was Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly. I might have also tried to teach her to Ginga, but I don’t remember. πŸ™‚


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