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Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bataan: Inside and Out

For your viewing pleasure, I would like to share with you some of my favorite photos of the  “casas” or houses found in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in BataanThese were taken mostly during the guided tour which we scheduled in the afternoon of our first day there. It was terribly hot and humid, but I really didn’t mind. The place is wonderful.

Most of the houses there were rooted from other parts of the Philippines – from Manila, for example – and were taken here and rebuilt. Some will disagree but I personally think that is a good idea. Las Casas will make you feel as if you’re walking in a neighborhood in the 1800’s; like maybe one minute you’ll pass by, uh, Crisostomo Ibarra.

In the tour, this was mentioned to be the place where lovers meet.

This place is Calle Crisologo plus Intramuros turned into a resort.

Huge doors.

And if you pay attention to the textures, it feels like you’re inside a painting.

The other casas.

It is in this place that I started getting addicted to taking photos of doors.

The golf cart which you can rent so you don’t have to walk around during the tour.

The neighborhood – floor made of cobblestones.

This is the view of the beach, taken from the top floor of one of the houses.

He should be wearing a camiso de chino. That would’ve completed the picture.

Don’t ask me who this is, I don’t know.

We were also taken inside the houses. This is like royalty. The house can be rented for PHP 150,000 per night – complete with a butler. Just in case you want to experience how to be a Don or Dona in the olden times…

The bathroom facilities are modern though, so don’t worry. Pretty romantic actually.

Talk about bathroom facilities that are modern.

There are also function rooms – medium ones, huge ones – for events.

The tour guide showing us around.

If you want to have only the tour, you can just go on a day trip. But since Bataan is 3-4 hours away from Manila and you’re already there anyway, I’d rather you stay overnight. I don’t think a lot of people do this though – the place is not yet that popular – I wouldn’t have learned about it had we not seen this package being sold on Metrodeal.

Anyway, whether or not you’re a sucker for old and museums and history, you absolutely have to see this place.

I found this map of the place online, should you want to go.


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