Davao,  Philippines

Pearl Farm Beach Resort: The Beach

Here we go, the best part of Pearl Farm Beach Resort: the beach(es)! The resort has a couple of – whatchamacallit – shores you can hang out in. This one is but one of them. This is actually man-made, so it’s not that wide, but the sand is very fine.

Look how tranquil the waters are. I have never seen waters as serene as in Pearl Farm. And there were starfishes all around.

This is the beach on the left side (if facing the water) of the main island. I prefer the man-made beach more – the sand is finer, and it’s closer to the pool, bar, and other facilities.

The water is just as clear though.

There’s another island which you can see from the main resort – the beach is even prettier there. I suggest you visit that island in the morning. There are also villas there but they’re a tad bit more expensive. To get there, you can take a boat (for only about 3-5 minutes – it’s not that far). No additional payment; a boat goes there every 15 minutes or so.

The sand is even whiter here. And as expected, even less people.

Quality of the sand, for you to judge.

You can see from this part of the island that there are houses on the other side.

Even at noontime, I just wanna lie down and stay here! Sigh! So now you understand why I’m always red when I go home from the beach.

We explored the other sides of the island while we had time. Oh, things just get better.

Had we known, we could have gone there earlier. There’s practically nobody there – I don’t think a lot of people actually explore the rest of the island. So you should.

Only the guys cleaning the shore kept us company.

The water is just flat, see? It’s just so peaceful.

A lot of people always go to the usual places – Boracay, to name one! I guess I understand how people like partying, and how all events are held there. For me, it’s different. I like exploring places. I love beaches. I know there are a lot of them here in the Philippines that I have yet to see and I want to go to each and everyone of them and experience their beauty. I have been to Boracay only once and I’d say I’d rather go back to Samal than there anytime (but then again, it’s all a matter of preference).


Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located in Samal Island near Davao.Their site looks old-ish, but if you want more details check them out here: http://www.pearlfarmresort.com/

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