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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Anvaya Cove, Bataan

Have you ever heard of Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Perhaps Stand Up Paddle Surfing? No? Well, I haven’t either. Until I saw that Starboard was giving free lessons when we were in Anvaya Cove, Bataan.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or simply SUP) is an “emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage”. In Hawaii, it’s actually called Hoe he’e nalu (now, how do we pronounce that again?). It is apparently an ancient form of surfing, except that because of the paddle, it allows you to go to longer distances.

Here we are, heading to the Starboard area. We all want to try it!

Since we’re first timers, we were asked to kneel on the board first and get a feel of the water. Balancing is really quite easy. And the non-existence of waves also played its part well for us beginners.

We were then asked to stand on the board. This is the most basic position. The instructors are very accommodating and they seem to be enjoying teaching us. I feel that my kid cousings are safe around them.

And there I was, feeling like a pro just because I have a photo standing up.

That’s my sister Vianca.

What I love about SUP is that it makes you feel as if you’re one with the water and in control of it. Hell, it feels as if you’re walking on water. As compared to surfing which is more like a short-term adrenaline rush, stand up paddle boarding feels more like a marathon on water. And with all that paddling, you don’t feel so much that you’re actually working on your arms, your shoulders, your core, and especially your sense of balance.

While I don’t see myself actually pursuing it (except maybe until I buy my own resort some time in the future), I’d be excited to do it again when I get the opportunity.

For more info on Starboard, they have a website: They also have a Facebook page: But if you’re from the Philippines, like this page too:

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