The Anti-Crap

All your life, have you ever felt as if you bet your whole arse on a lottery ticket and wondered why some unknown person from the other side of the universe won? Maybe you entrusted your soul to some lover who later on realizes he’d rather watch TV while scratching his belly? Maybe worse – exchange I love you’s with some random whore in the street?

What a pity isn’t it? Not that these things happen, mind you – these things happen everyday. Crap is a part of life. There will always be crap. The only thing that we can change is how we deal with it, how we react to it. It is a pity that a lot of us just live with it.

Life is short. Be nice to yourself. You know your worth. Walk away.

Vida is a restless, universe-loving, forever-child with a very short attention span. She is mostly enthusiastic about travel, adventure, technology, fitness, and lately, life hacks. Most of her days are spent on tech partnerships in a telco, and most nights practicing capoeira (or yoga, or boxing, or trying some other unheard of art of movement). She likes experiments, little projects, and writes too, sometimes, at And if you're interested, sh... Hey, look, a flower!

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