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VIDEO: Taipei, Taiwan Vlogging with Paula

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2016 – Here is a rewind from over a year ago, when Filipinos still needed a visa to go to Taiwan. As of September this year, we can already visit visa-free, as you may know, which makes it a bit easier to go these days.

I followed Paula in Taipei and  we went around after her business-related shenanigans. Amidst the humidity, we roamed the city in front of a phone camera. The word “vlogging” makes me cringe a little bit and makes me feel pretentious, but I think that’s what this is called. I discovered that I am very awkward at this despite being much of an extrovert, and Paula, who is usually an introvert, is quite a natural! Well I’ll be damned.

The series consists of 4 short episodes:

EPISODE 1: Trying out the food in Ikea, and then trying out the street food in Raohe Night Market (video above).

EPISODE 2: A walk in the Taipei Botanical Gardens, and with much luck, getting into a popular Karaoke cab  (video below).

EPISODE 3: Moving to W110 Boutique Suite, visiting our friend Bruce Lee in his office in Taipei 101 (in which we tried the hoverboard for the very first time), waited 40 minutes to eat some Xiao Long Bao in Din Tai Fung, and then capping the night with some cocktails at La Petite Chambre. It was definitely a treat going around with a local who knows his way around, so thanks Bruce!

EPISODE 4: Another round of eating, mostly in places recommended by Bruce. Breakfast at this place that I can’t pronounce, some grocery shopping, Shilin Night Market (in which I discovered I’m not a fan of night markets with sooo many people – I cannot stand it), and finally some cocktails at this cute speakeasy hidden inside a coffeeshop called Ounce Bar.

It was quite fun doing this actually, maybe we’ll make more. Meantime, here is another one we did for Coron, Palawan.

So, what do you think?

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