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30-Day Challenges: Freedom from Fried and Hahaha

Georgia O’Keefe died in March 6, 1986 and was born again 9 months later on December 7, 1986 as… Me. Well, isn’t that funny. The truth is I don’t know her. At least not yet.  I was browsing through one of my favorite blogs, Brain Pickings (trust me, this is the perfect place to hang out in when you want to feed your mind and artsy soul) and chanced upon this quote by the said lady:

“Anyone with any degree of mental toughness ought to be able to exist without the things they like most for a few months at least.”

It is almost fate, since I really just went online this lovely morn-eve to announce my next two 30-day challenges.

First: no fried food. I try to always have a food-related challenge in an attempt to change my overall lifestyle.

Second, and most unconventional: no use of ‘Hahaha’ in any medium. I must say this should be quite a challenge, and is also the reason why I feel the need to give an official announcement. Read: all my messages will either sound too serious, or contain such awkward words and phrases as “laughs heartily” and “guffaws” and “snickers” in the next thirty days.

It was Eiko Raquel who pulled me into this idea, following my post on Facebook last weekend:

“Sitting here, eating peanut butter sandwich, contemplating all the thoughts we hide in our hahaha’s.”

Since then she just stopped saying Hahaha for some reason! And so today, Hahaha and I shall have a momentary cool off. Let’s see how this goes.

Anyone want to join?

Vida is a restless, universe-loving, forever-child with a very short attention span. She is mostly enthusiastic about travel, adventure, technology, fitness, and lately, life hacks. Most of her days are spent on tech partnerships in a telco, and most nights practicing capoeira (or yoga, or boxing, or trying some other unheard of art of movement). She likes experiments, little projects, and writes too, sometimes, at vidasioson.com. And if you're interested, sh... Hey, look, a flower!


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