As March Closes

It is highly disconcerting that we’re already near the tip of March’s tail and I have not traveled one bit this summer. Pretty bad, considering my travel habits. Not that I haven’t been into any adventures in the past few weeks… Life was rather eventful, actually. As it always is.

It already feels as if I’ve been in Manila for a year and I haven’t been writing a lot. I decided I should *ping* the reading world a bit (if there is still such), a bit inspired after randomly being complimented at the bar today for my travel posts. These things make me shy and make me blush a little, but thank you. The online world is a lot different from the waking world, being that the former is just a planet full of numbers. Statistics. 1 visitor or 1,000 visitors – oh, I don’t really know who you are or if you actually read what I say.

This isn’t a travel post, unfortunately. But I do have some backlogs which I have yet to share since January – hell, since last year. We never really run out of things to share, we only run out of time to share them. So we end up picking only the best; or the ones with the nicest pictures. Hehe.

In my short hiatus (from travel and from the blog), I am cooking up some interesting things and planting some seeds which I hope will reward (you and) me with fruits soon.

Things are awesome. And things are going to be even more awesome. If it’s not going the same way for you, there must be something that you aren’t doing right. So, I’ll go back to running around town for a bit. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share this thing we’re cooking very soon.

So, what do you think?

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