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A Family Trip to LU (China Sea Beach Resort, La Union)

“Did you go surfing in LU?” No, we didn’t go surfing in La Union. I was hoping to, but it so happens that the resort we went to wasn’t a surfing spot. It wasn’t even a beach spot – it’s one of those places foreigners and families go to for relaxation. Not so bad, considering this is exactly the kind of thing my mother would enjoy.

So here it is, China Sea Beach Resort.

Laid back, relaxed, clean, and very inexpensive. It’s a relatively small resort – the way I like it. I seldom like huge ones, except if they’re high class like Misibis. Huge resorts means there are lots of people; they’re usually not so peaceful.

This is what they call a VIP Room and it only costs P2,050 per night – and this is already the most expensive one. The room includes a fridge, a TV, and your own restroom. View their their rates here.

Some seats right beside the bed.

The bathroom – because it is important for many people (like me) that this one is clean and comfortable.

From the outside, there’s a small porch where you can hang out. This is overlooking the pool.

From afar, this is how the rooms look like.

Before sunset, I suggest you stay a while in their bar.

They have some drinks on the menu, but we didn’t really drink and eat there as much. We ate our meals outside of the resort most of the time. They’re not too strict with bringing in food either, so we just brought snacks and all.

The thing about the bar though, is that it’s overlooking the seawall.

As mentioned, this is not a beach front resort, but the view of the beach is very pretty come sunset time. I’ll share some photos in another entry.

You may opt to climb down the stairs if you wanna swim though. But I prefer not to.

Here’s a nice photo of their, uh, plants.

And of the resort in the evening.

So what else did we do here? Ah! Hold that question. Adventures and photo shoots in a bit. 🙂

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