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Yesss! There’s nothing new to see here (except, perhaps, for the vanity address). Oh, check out my Facebook comments section – you can’t do that on so this better be better than Disqus.

I wasn’t going to link to this until after a revamp, but having to juggle two addresses confuses my already confused self. There might be a couple of problems with some blog posts (links, videos, ya know). I haven’t fully explored yet, but I should be able to do a cleanup pretty soon.

So here’s a toast to my first post!

Hey follow me on Bloglovin‘.

P.S. Sorry for the rushed graphic made on Powerpoint

Vida is a restless, universe-loving, forever-child with a very short attention span. She is mostly enthusiastic about travel, adventure, technology, fitness, and lately, life hacks. Most of her days are spent on tech partnerships in a telco, and most nights practicing capoeira (or yoga, or boxing, or trying some other unheard of art of movement). She likes experiments, little projects, and writes too, sometimes, at And if you're interested, sh... Hey, look, a flower!


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