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Far Far Away in Singapore

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE – The common belief is wrong: Kingdom Far Far Away is not really that far away. Okay, that was corny.

I’ve been to all zones at Universal Studios in Singapore – all seven of them. And this is the zone I love most.

Aside from the fact that the castle is adorable (who uses adorable to describe a castle?)…

You get to meet Shrek and Fiona.

We had to follow them lovers all the way to this place just to have our photo taken. That’s just non-negotiable. I wasn’t going to leave the park without a family picture.

Or a photo bomb-ish picture, in Jilla’s case.

Or a pretend-ogre picture.

Or a Gingerbread-Man-on-my-face picture.

There are just too many things to love. Even AD found herself a wagon. (Don’t get this photo wrong, this is not a wedding proposal in action.)

The kneeling guy is actually James, who was at that time, sniffing for a place to do this.

(I’m kidding James.)


Hey wait, don’t leave just yet! Visit the other zones here:


For more details on Universal Studios, Singapore visit:

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