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Wandering Ancient Egypt and the Lost World

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE – How I wish it were really Egypt or The Lost World. That would have been fantastic. But this is the nearest thing to that, at least here in Asia.

We were brought together by fate. Or by social networks. I went to Singapore to watch a concert with AD Hunter (rightmost). And then it so happened that Jilla Sara (leftmost, my friend) also “passed by” from Australia. And then it so happened that James (middle, AD’s friend) was also around the area for another event. Together, we conquered Universal Studios Singapore.

See, I look so happy.

The number one rule here, it seems, is: Don’t get too excited. I tried to wave at these abs – I mean, men – to ask if I could take a photo with them and they practically just stared at me and ignored me. Apparently, the characters here live up to their role all too well.

Fortunately, some of others have friendlier, photo-ready roles.

The Lost World, was…

Well, full of dinosaurs.

Some of them actually act like dinosaurs. I’m not sure how they do it, but this electronic dino was friggin’ alive. His head follows where the woman goes. Maybe it’s all an act, but whatever, it’s brilliant.

The electro dino up close.


Because this is such an informative post, you’d probably want more info on these two zones in Universal Studios, Singapore. You may visit their site here:¬†

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