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Hanoi Food Trip #2: Eating on the Sidewalks

Vietnam is a food experience in itself. The food is so amazingly cheap and just so good that you can’t help but try everything you see – even the ones on the sidewalks.

On our first evening, we went shopping at the night market which was walking distance from An Hung Hotel, in which we stayed.

Everything was just cheap. I wasn’t able to buy a lot, but just to give you an idea: cellphone cases were at 50,000 VND each (90 PHP), polo tops were at 180,000 VND (324 PHP), and the belts are priced at around 100,000 VND (180 PHP). Similar stuff can probably be found in Greenhills here in the Philippines, but at higher prices.


We got a bit tired walking around the shopping area and having to dodge what seemed like a thousand motorcycles, but we didn’t know where to eat. There were lots of eating places on the street and they didn’t look too clean, at least for my taste. At first we were thinking there must be a non-street food place here somewhere… And so we walked, and we walked, and we just got even more tired. So we thought – what the hell – let’s give these street food places a shot.

So in this one you have to sit on a really small chair, it felt like squatting. No problem about that. The issue is they don’t speak English (most of Hanoi doesn’t) so we ended up just pointing at the food of the people who sat beside us, whatever that was. Anyway, that’s where adventure really begins right?

As some sort of appetizer we were served cucumber in some kind of soup or sauce. Apologies for the description – It looks like I”m very bad at food-writing.

Here’s the main meal: beef and vegetables. It. Was. Yummy. I’m telling you. And the serving was huge. How can you not get fat in this country?

Here is Nico, enjoying her meal, which was too big for one person.

All in all, that dinner, which includes a bottled soft drink, cost us 120,000 VND (216 PHP). That was 108 PHP each, for a dinner we couldn’t even finish for ourselves!

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