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Hanoi Food Trip #1: Quan An Ngon

I was supposed to entitle this post “Travel Diet Tip #1: Don’t go to Vietnam”. Because I think I gained a few pounds on my way back to the Philippines. And to think that I was there for only three days!

Our first lunch in Hanoi was in Quan An Ngon.

The place was packed at noon. For first timers in Hanoi, I’d say this is the perfect place to eat your first authentic Vietnamese meal.

This will forever be the highlight of my food adventures in Hanoi – the spring rolls. Here it is, served unmade. As compared to the Vietnamese restaurants in the Philippines, in Hanoi, you have to roll it yourself! Oh, pity me.

Despite their lack of English-speaking skills, the waitresses were kind enough to assist us

This is how we roll. Some of the Filipino guys we met there.

It seems that I was too focused on the spring rolls though, because that’s the only food I took photos of! Hahaha. Sorry about that.

Their own version of halo-halo.

The food in Quan An Ngon? Superb. Value for money is 5 over 5. Our total bill amounted to 370,000.00 Dong which is equivalent to P666.00 for all five of us. This means the per person rate – and we were very full – is only P133.20.

The place ideal for families and groups of friends. Casual dining. I would recommend you put this on your list if you ever plan on going around Hanoi.


Quan An Ngon is located at 18 Phan Boi Chau Str., | OR 1st floor, 25T2 Hoang Dao Thuy Str.,, Hanoi, Vietnam. Price range according to Trip Advisor is USD 1-10.

So, what do you think?

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