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June: What We Have Is Time

About to cross the mid-year mark, I pondered through the months that have gone by, and the months to follow. On one hand, there are things that are beyond my control – the situation, my emotions. On the other hand, there are things that are within my control – my attitude, my actions. It’s difficult, but all throughout the year I had to continuously remind myself to focus on the latter. 

While it’s true that we can’t enjoy the freedom we used to have, what we now have is extra time. And so I asked myself: What should I do with this time? What can I do within my control? I’ve decided to focus on the most important things: Firstly, growing myself, by expanding my abilities and learning the things that I previously “didn’t have time for”. Secondly, supporting the people who are closest to me – my family, friends and colleagues. Thirdly and importantly, learning how to keep calm amidst chaos.

As such, I’ve spent the next 2 months on a challenge I’ve always had in my list – learning to do a full pull up! On Saturday mornings, we’d have online workouts together with my family and cousins. At work, we’ve started doing what we call Random Sessions with colleagues across the globe, where one person hosts any session they want. We’ve done Tai Chi, cocktail making, Bollywood dancing, learning Welsch, and so much more.

Thank you June, for allowing us to do what we can with what we have.

So, what do you think?

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