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Olympic Point (Tingloy, Batangas): Family Photos

Finally. I went with my family to Olympic Point in Tingloy Batangas in April – that was holy week. We were determined to not stay at home for a change and so we practically called every possible resort we know to try and reserve. We failed. It was just too close to holy week. And just when we thought we were doomed and that we’ll probably be staying home again, a friend of my uncle recommended Olympic Point. Lucky enough (or was it lucky enough?) there were still rooms available and we were able to reserve right away.

I have already detailed an account of our stay there 2 months ago in this blog post: Olympic Point (Tingloy, Batangas): A Fresh View.

To get straight to the point, it was quite terrible, except that we were given very special attention. (As in if you had a choice, please, there are many other better resorts in Batangas.) But then again, there’s no such thing as a terrible resort when you’re with the family. So yes, we still enjoyed the time we bonded with the fam bam.

As I have already mentioned my non-recommendation of this resort in my previous blog post, I’ll focus more on the photos and my family here.

The first few photos were taken as we were waiting for the boat. Tingloy is a separate island from main Batangas, but it’s not really too far.

I went there with my family, nanay (my grandmother) and the family of my mom’s sister, Tita Pinky. Right here:

Here’s my dad, ready for an adventure and my mom, beautiful as always.

Cousins, still patiently waiting at this time.

When the boat finally arrived, honestly, we didn’t know where the “beach” is.

There’s just this little rocky area where supposedly you could swim.

And to get to our room, there was a looooong flight of stairs up. This place is not grandma-friendly. Although I wouldn’t deny that it was clean.

So I guess, let’s focus on family. Here’s nanay, after that long climb up.

We were just making fun of the place the whole time.

We had a bit of a swim. The water was clean.

It was VERY rock though, we weren’t ready for that kind of rockiness and didn’t bring beach sandals. My mom tied straw onto my cousin’s slippers so they’d stay in place. Hahaha. Improvisation.

To give you an idea of how rocky it is.

Oh, hey, a hermite crab! (ADHD)

And then the usual photo shoots. Hot momma.

Hot gramma.

I guess that concludes the first part of our trip. We stayed there for three days, from April 17-19. To tell you the truth, we were so dissatisfied the first day that we wanted to just go home. But we stayed, actually, and we did a bit more surprisingly fun activities which I’ll detail more in the next post. 🙂


All photos in this post were taken by Nica Sioson.

Olympic Point Island Resort is located in Tingloy, Batangas. More details on their website:

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