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On Strange People’s Stories

I’ve been sitting in the resort bar for an hour now. I like the view of the sea from here. Later I’ll be watching the sun set in front of me, but right now I’m just enjoying the cool afternoon breeze. This exact same moment will happen only once, ever. So I’m enjoying it as much as I can.

There’s the January wind, the sound of the waves, and I’m completely alone with noone to bug me for the next couple of hours. A few minutes ago there was a lady here – she was here before I was, just sitting on the chair and staring at the sea. I was very intrigued by the way she was watching it with that peaceful look in her face. She didn’t mind or even notice that I was observing her. My guess is she’s European, tall, skinny, 40-ish. And I swear, for the past hour, she was just staring at it. She had that Eat, Pray, Love aura on her – I was wondering if she was meditating. No plate or drink on her table either. She didn’t come here to eat. She just came here exactly for that.

When she finally stood up, she put on her backpack, got her safari hat, and still looking at the sea, she smiled. You know that kind of smile you’d give to a friend after a good, heart-warming conversation? That woman is a loony. I bet in her mind the ocean was talking to her and she responds with eye language. (In the background right now, The Doors’ People are Strange is playing.)

People are strange. Otherwise, they’d be boring. Oftentimes I find myself looking at people I don’t know, wondering what their individual stories are. I’ve been talking to random people in my travels more often lately – locals, resort employees, foreign tourists, backpackers. And when my relatives do the same, I listen intently. It’s like an itch I need to scratch. It’s crazy. There’s a certain high learning about people you’ve never seen before, and will likely never see again.

So you, woman, looking peacefully at the ocean just a while ago, the sun is already about to set and I’m still wondering what you were thinking.

P.S. Blogging on-the-go for the first time! I am currently experimenting different apps and used Writings for iPad for this one. I took the photo with my Blackberry and uploaded it using WordPress’ BB app. I will now post this with the WordPress app for iPad (which sucks by the way). Suddenly wishing this was an iPad 2, but happy nonetheless. 🙂 Ktnxbye.

Taken at China Sea Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union, Philippines.

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