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Pearl Farm Beach Resort: Sleep, Eat, Relax

The Samal House is only one of 6 types of accommodations in Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Why did we choose Samal? Well, we didn’t. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Pearl Farm Beach Resort: First Time in Davao, this is but part of a CashCashPinoy package we purchased online.

It was pretty good though, and I would’ve bought the same (or maybe if there’s a less expensive one…) if I arranged the trip myself.


This is the entrance to the house.

The rooms in Pearl Farm are not villa-ish. It offers more of a homey, kubo-type of experience.

We went there in February and on weekdays, so we had to check on our work mail once in a while. Whoops!

Because I’m a girl and I judge resorts by its comfort rooms.

The shower is totally separate from the toilet, which is a bit of a hassle for me. My comfort room rating for Pearl Farm is: mediocre. Surely, it could have been better.

They don’t offer the sexiest rooms, but they were clean and cozy, and service was good so I was quite satisfied. And also, to be fair to Pearl Farm, the whole point of the room is where it is situated. And this is where it is situated.

The waters are so clear you can see the corals and urchins from the terrace.

This is the view from the door. That other island is still part of Pearl Farm.


There are a bunch of places where you could eat in Pearl Farm – the restaurant; if the weather is good, you can reserve a table by the beach; if you’re feeling a bit romantic, they even have a raft in the middle of the sea where you can have dinner all by yourselves (it’s about a two-minute boat ride from the shore). One of the things we enjoyed a lot though, is the happy hour – or should I say hours – at the Parola bar.

The happy hours is I think from 4 to 6pm. Drinks are served at 50% off.

I had different types of cocktails.

Plus my favorite: Jack Coke.

Nico just stuck to her favorite: Margarita.

The food was a little bit expensive considering the small serving, but what the hell, we’re hungry. And they have good Calamares.

View of the sunset from the Parola Bar.


Just to complete the relaxation formula (and because Nico insisted), we had a 1.5 hour massage in the Ylang-Ylang Spa on our second day.

It’s located within the “forest” so it’s very tranquil.

There’s even man-made waterfalls in the background.

The bed, before we use it.

So yes, Pearl Farm Beach Resort was really pretty relaxing. I wouldn’t go there to party or to get rowdy with a big group of friends. It’s more of a place for a small group of people, for couples, or for families. It’s one of those places that kinda make you stare far out into the sea and say, ah, this is the life.

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located in Samal Island near Davao.Their site looks old-ish, but if you want more details check them out here: http://www.pearlfarmresort.com/


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