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Sunset Ho! (China Sea Beach Resort, La Union)

Be warned: This post is full of our faces

We found this pretty tree back in China Sea Beach Resort and figured we could do some photo-whoring beside it. And of course, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, we just couldn’t resist taking photos of the (post) sunset.

So… Here goes. First up, our photographer, Nikka.

Yours truly. Yuck, ano ba ‘to. Anyway.

The laughing Vianca.

And of course, the princess – Joie.

Here’s some sunset love for you all.

The next day’s post-sunset was less colorful, but the sun, as it set…

…was a real beauty. We’re not the only ones who watched, see.

Solo shot!

And we try to capture every phase of it.

Photos taken by whoever isn’t in the photo, but mostly Nikka Sioson, in China Sea Beach Resort. For more details about the resort, here’s their website:

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