30 Day Challenges Life

April: Staying Home

The much awaited Spartan race was cancelled, along with all other events across many parts of the globe. Our “own little space” has shrunk just a tiny bit further as Singapore has called for a circuit breaker, requiring everyone to stay home except for essentials. 

At home, Paula accelerated her cooking spree (which I benefited a lot from) and started planting her own herbs. At lunch, she asks, what’s for dinner? At dinner, she asks, what’s for breakfast tomorrow? The good part is she genuinely enjoys the process. Since we’re eating quite a lot, I made sure to spend a few minutes exercising in the evenings. Running is considered essential, so I’m still able to catch a bit of fresh air and a glimpse of the sunset every once in a while.

Since the circuit breaker meant nobody goes out for drinks, I took the chance to complete a challenge I’ve often failed at and went on an alcohol cleanse. It was quite satisfying, and I was very proud of it. After that, I swung from one challenge to another over the next couple of months. The challenges kept me sane.

I was pretty content with the routine I’ve built for myself, but then one day, John Mayer posted about K.K. on Instagram (only Animal Crossing gamers will understand this). Shortly after, I was already playing Animal Crossing on my Switch, shaking trees and planting flowers like I’d never do in the real world. At the start of the game your player says “My new life is underway… I can do whatever I want… WOO-HOO!” My new life was underway indeed. 

Thank you April, for allowing me to appreciate our little home.

So, what do you think?

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